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Suggestion: Follower


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It would be really cool (and good for RP purposes) to be able to make a custom follower. A lot of times I’d like to have some NPC interact in some way, but a) it’s not a character I can create, because it’s a civilian and b) I can’t play that character at the same time anyway.


What should it be able to do? It can show up when you call, speak lines that you feed it, go where you tell it, do emotes, and go away when dismissed. Like a puppet, I guess.

The follower would have a name and costume you design, travel powers you designate, and would be invisible to enemies. It has no attacks or defenses, cannot be targeted for buffs or debuffs, cannot tank, cannot take aggro, and perhaps cannot even enter instanced missions or super bases.


This way you could create your own Lois Lane, Commissioner Gordon, or Happy Hogan, for a one-off RP cameo.

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