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  1. Funny, I like the Blyde Square music too. When it plays. Often, the Copper District music overrides it. I also like ... I believe it's Steel Pier in IP.
  2. I know you probably didn't mean for this to be a tutorial, Ignatz, but it was nevertheless a very clear explanation of the process. I can't say I'm a billionaire, but I was lucky enough to get some recipe drops to experiment with and made 8 million in a few minutes. That'll give my starter toons a leg up — in purchases, but also in making more cash. Thanks! Now I have an idea what I'm looking for.
  3. The best part about playing an Adam Savage character is all the costumes. Pirate, astronaut, Macgyver, James Bond, Indiana Jones...
  4. So how would you put together a group based on the cast of Mythbusters? Silent Walrus: archery/devices blaster Deathblow: robotics/kinetics mastermind But what about the others?
  5. First, that's a pretty keen system. I was not aware of that feature on HC. It doesn't change the fact that playing on +0 earns you more drops than defeating the same number of mobs on +4. That suggests to me that the system is, indeed, imbalanced, regardless whether this has any long-term effect on market prices or item availability. Sure, the connection between this drop rate and the market is tenuous and I can't prove any direct causality to anything; that's not my point. If nothing else, people doing content on +4 have fewer raw materials to work with and fewer things to sell. Seems like an
  6. This is true. However, there is also the effect of filling slots over time, because recipes are leveled. You have to fill slots at 30, at 35, at 40, at 45, and so on, if you intend to be effective. Not all of those recipes will be ideal for your final build. If you first started making IOs around level 30, you won't have a lot of really recent ones if you play on +4. According to my spreadsheet, you'd get about 94 recipes for levels 28-30 while playing +0, but you'd get 38 recipes for levels 28-30 while playing +4. Okay, you say, not every player wants to build out IOs at that leve
  7. Yes, I know. My argument is that changing the level difficulty nerfs your drops per mission, and drops per level, irrespective of whether you are doing it fast or slow. The important figure isn't time per level, it's mobs per level, because the number of enemies your team defeats is the foundation for the drop rate. The nerfed drop total would hold steady no matter what AE mission you built for yourself, at any drop rate. Playing the mission on +0 yields more drops than playing that same mission on +4, because there's more enemies. Consequently, playing at +0 means you reach level 50 with more
  8. You ... actually may be on to something. I know you were being flippant, but hear me out. First, here's a question for the thread. Is drop rate still based on a per-mob-defeated formula, or is it normalized to scale with the XP value of the critter? Because if it's the former, you could make the argument that certain kinds of farmers (not all) and certain players who do non-farming missions (not all) are actually increasing demand for certain things faster than they increase the supply. Here's my math: Suppose for argument's sake that the recipe drop rate fo
  9. (My emphasis.) I don't know what the bolded part means. Converts "easily" to a rare?
  10. Here's my answer: I have no earthly idea if it's "imbalanced." I don't have access to any numbers which would indicate what a perfectly balanced system would look like. And I don't much care whether farming is or isn't "balanced." As far as I can tell, we're talking about farming, not cheating. They haven't broken any rules that I'm aware of. This isn't hacking. It isn't item duplication or aimbots or likewise. Farmers are using the same system everybody else does — maybe with a few extra resources, like additional computers — and making XP/inf faster. Is it the fastest way? I dunn
  11. I understand that loot is very important to some players, but let's keep it in perspective. Just because it's something that you want doesn't mean that it's the only thing people want, or that you are empowered to speak for all players. I personally don't give much thought to loot. I don't care for crafting and I don't care about the marketplace — never have, never will. The introduction of Wentworth's didn't keep me from taking a break, back in the day, and Invention IOs lost their shine very quickly after building out one character. I don't doubt that acquisition is something tha
  12. Power Sink. My first 50 on Live was an elec/elec blaster, and there was nothing more entertaining than draining a whole mob down to zero endurance. They stand there and look at you, unable to do anything, as your team pummels them.
  13. Yes and no. On the one hand, if it is possible to gain lots of XP while AFK, then it is possible (if unlikely) to level without skill, practically by definition. On the other hand, even assuming that it is true in theory, I already concede that there's a very small and only hypothetical possibility I would ever meet any such player. All of which is to explain farming doesn't bother me.
  14. I'm not a big fan of farming, and I have to concede this is true. I can only thing of one possible, maybe, kinda-sorta way that farming could impact my game, with a ton of ifs and caveats on top. Farming a character from 1 to 50 in a couple hours could, maybe, produce a player that has no idea how to play that character properly. It could produce a player who considers himself an expert on whatever AT it is, because he has a Level 50 Sizzle/Wham PowerPuncher with fully-slotted Everything Os that he bought on Craigslist or that he farmed up AFK while taking a long hot shower. He's n
  15. Yeah, thanks, Statesman. Way to go, with that secret pact with Arachnos to keep people from wearing Circle of Thorns robes.
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