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Flames of Prometheus conversion didn't provide the Notice of the Well

Apache Fog

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I was aiming for another t-4 alpha. I have 3 notices on hand. I needed a 4th, so I opted to convert the Flames for a Notice of the Well. I got the system notification that I got a notice of the well, but I still only have 3 on hand. What gives? 

Background, if it helps: 
I ran mortimer kal so long ago, I don't even remember running it. It will be my 3rd alpha I'm making. But, I should still have gotten the NotW. It said I did, but I didn't. 

Disregard, logging off and back on fixed it. 

This really shouldn't be necessary, but I guess that's the first rule for anyone troubleshooting software and hardware. Turn it off and back on again. 

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Maybe relogging wasnt necessary but changing zone solves many problems, just a reminder for next time.

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