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What are writing prompts? (The list, and what they are for.)


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So, writing prompts are basically little sentences, or starters to help you create a short story, or paragraph about your own characters perceptions, views/reactions and thought processes of different situations and circumstances. They are not a test, or anything to be used against you as a player for meta gaming, but they do sort of help with inspiring a different slant of view than your usual RP sessions might offer. Short and brief as they are, they provide a means to develop past what you usually expect to run into in-game within your established circles of friends and social contacts on the game servers. There are little rules to apply to this, so if anyone wants to provide starters like these, they are welcome to do so.

  1. No ooc information. Personal views, personal information, needs to stay private and should be kept so. What your characters do/react/say are the important focal points to write on, use that as fuel.  
  2. These threads are specifically for roleplaying development, if I see drama starting among the posters, I will ping a GM to manage the situation and help clean up the thread of the disruptions. OOC commentary is welcome, but please, remember to bracket or use parenthese so we know what is and isn't IC responses. 
  3. Each thread starter must be unique, and yes, I know there is a specific challenge to this. When we run out of ideas, we'll see about trying different slants of the prior topics but let's try to keep this one as a common rule. 
  4. No COC/TOS breaking content please. Romance is fine, but there's a line between romance, and erp and I'd rather not see posters getting in trouble for writing erp replies to threads here.
  5. If there are questions about the thread topic, please just ask in brackets. If I or the OP of that thread doesn't respond, the other users may be able to answer your questions. 
  6. Have fun with it. If the topic is a touchy one, don't be afraid to skip posting in that one. None of us will judge your RP on that. This is all meant to be for practice and for fun both.

That said, here is the list of the current writing prompts, and yes, I will do my very best to keep this thread updated with the new prompts that pop up, and if I don't, just ping me on here or on the HC discord to remind me.



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Ahhhh new prompt is up! (Thanks Suplex!)
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Community writing prompts


(I'd forgotten to add this one to the list as the very first prompt, but I'll leave it here as a reminder for myself. But yeah, have fun, these are great for helping round out your character concepts and build their background a bit more with depth.)

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Thank you SOLSOLDIER for reminding my dumb butt.
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