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Locked name after disconnect


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Hi, as the title says, I was creating a character and while I was saving it on the server (I was ready to play) I waited a lot and then it said I got disconnected from server.

Now, I logged in again and I have 0 characters. I tried to make another one, with the same name as the previous, but now it tells me that the name is already taken.

Small desync or it got locked forever? Not a big deal, I'm just asking to know if I should wait for more stability or I can already pick a different name.

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I had this, and after I logged in a second time the 'gone' character appeared in my character list, but with something like 7000 days offline under it.  When I clicked on them they were unplayable, but I could delete and remake them.


If they don't come up in your list after a few logins, then there's always the chance somebody else took the name while you were unable to play.  :(

Pink Champagne (Emp/Rad)

Guide of Misguidance (Dark/Regen)

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