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  1. I really hope you find Waterslide and get to team up with them. That is 100% a comic I would read, based on names alone.
  2. Yeah, you have to be quick to get obvious names in any game, but I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get both of mine without issue on the server that I wanted. Randomly, somebody else had already taken Pink Champagne on one of the servers (which isn't a massively common name, I think?) so I just hopped on to another and made him there. ;D
  3. This would be my take on it, honestly. One of the fascinating things about CoH is that I've seen people successfully playing every single combo of powers. There may be some that do better/worse in certain scenarios, but nothing is completely unplayable. Even Turtle Man had fun and he didn't take any powers at all. ;)
  4. Oh ffs, now it's stuck in my head too! Here, let me get that out of your head for you: I honestly don't know which is worse.
  5. Oh ffs, now it's stuck in my head too!
  6. Oh man, that's hilarious! At least my first death in WoW was to a wolf.... ;D
  7. This gave me a smile. I mean, I absolutely agree, but this is the best way I've ever seen it worded. IMO, I think it's this: CoX doesn't just let you make a hero, it makes it EASY to make a hero. I don't think I've ever made an unplayable character in this game, even with sets I don't really like. I've played other games (especially other MMOs at the time CoH came out) that actually made it possible- even easy- to completely bork your character to the point where only an expensive respec could save it. It's also a rare gem in that you can make an amazing looking character right from level one, which gives the player instant investment in what happens to that character. ;) And then, when you have your character? CoX is the first and only MMO I've played that feels like it takes place in a real city, which is the perfect backdrop for the game and every story arc feels like your own little comic book. You can dive deep into the lore or just skim over it, but you feel like a part of the world right from the get-go, rather than just a faceless minion who never gets credit for all the amazing things you do (a complaint that I am unashamedly directing at WoW.) CoX really only has one competitor when it comes to making an actual super hero in an MMO, and the other game may be a bit shinier but it somehow missed the mark when you actually got into the game, which is why I was never tempted to pay out for a free-form slot. I was subbed to CoX right up until close, though.
  8. For the record, 'cis' isn't an acronym, any more than 'trans' is. It's literally the opposite of trans in Latin. 'Trans' means 'across, on the other side from, opposite of', and 'cis' means 'the same, this side of'. 100% correct. There's no need to put 'cis' in all capitals, it's fine just as cis or Cis depending on your preference. :)
  9. There is no limit to what we can make (other than the limited number of items in the costume creator, of course... ;) ) I haven't seen the Power Rangers in game yet, but I've seen some amazing Dragon Ball Z toons.
  10. Happy Pride, friend. ;D My early time in CoH actually helped me learn about who I was and helped me to come out. I (literally) wouldn't be the man I am today without the lovely community on live. As for Pride in Paragon and the Rogue Isles... I gotta say that would be quite a sight! ;)
  11. That's awesome!! I was always heartbroken that I didn't get to go- those pins were amazing! I'm glad you found them!
  12. Ooh, looks like fun! I wrote a (very unpublished) novel about one of my mains, and it's currently getting a massive re-work because I am no longer an angsty teen. ;) I've been using CoH as a place to play with character ideas, so who knows which of my characters will end up hitting the page.
  13. Sometimes I find myself in that one, lone office down a flight of stairs in a corner, looking at a desk and wondering what horrible social faux pas a person has to commit to end up working in this little corner of hell.
  14. The OP's posts sound like an odd combination of concern trolling and somebody fishing for information for an article or something. Whatever's going on here, it smells funny to me. OP's first question was answered and I think we aught to leave it at that.
  15. I'm too pleased with this one not to share it: Muscle Memory: because even death and dismemberment won't stop a true hero. ;)
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