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Dual Pistol -> Single Pistol Workaround


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I was playing my Poison/DP defender the other day and I had a random idea.


What if we introduced an "invisible" Left weapon option to give the set the illusion of using one pistol, instead of creating a brand new powerset or new animations to fulfil certain concepts that we have?


Here's why it would work:

1) Pistols

2) Executioner's Shot

3) Piercing Rounds

These powers use exclusively the right handed weapon in their animations - so no issue there hopefully.


Here's why it wouldn't:

1) Suppressive Fire

Swaps between left and right pistols in its animation



1) Dual Wield

2) Empty Clips

3) Bullet Rain

4) Hail of Bullets

The animations for these powers might look off with an invisible left pistol, but it shouldn't be too noticeable.


Alternatively - add in a second Gold Bricker belt with 2 holsters 😉

Let me know your thoughts!



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