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Future Perfect Progressive - A Story Campaign


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I'm cross posting this in Roleplaying and Mission Architect because its kinda both and kinda neither.


Almost two years ago now, I ran a longform RP story arc campaign for the New Praetorians Initiative SG on Everlasting that had a great reaction and engagement, and so I did my best to reverse engineer it so that other people can run it for their own groups, or, run through the AE portions as a player themselves The arc is called Future Perfect Progressive, and deals with a loose end from the City of Roleplay Discord arc Electric Sheep(which is explained for those that aren't familiar with it!), Malta's actions in Praetoria before and after the fall, and the dissatisfaction of Praetorian youth old enough to remember it ten years later.

If you'd like to run it for your SG, you can grab the GM Pack which contains explanations, information prompts, media, assets and example scenes from the campaign, or, if you just want to read about it and play the AE arcs, you can grab the Replay document which is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where you can read through, make a choice, and play an AE to go through the plot as if you were a member of the NPI SG.  Please enjoy it and have fun!

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