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Repeated map server crashes when doing Mayhem missions


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I routinely use two accounts to get the Invader Accolade for my new alts.


The leader sits at the Lord Schweinzer, the other runs around and collects the badges from each Mayhem mission.


I have done this with three characters in the last two months. Every time I go through this exercise, the leader map servers multiple times. This is not an afk disconnect. I move the leader around every mission to avoid afk. Not an alignment issues, both chars are villain.


The map server appears to happen when the non leader zones in or out of map. It does not happen every time, but it happened four times today. If the leader zones into the map, there isn't any issue. Only when the leader stays outside.


It's a minor hassle for me. I wanted to bring it to the dev's attention as a semi reproducible way to trigger map servers.

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