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New Power Set: Venomous Melee (Scrapper Primary)


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So toxic damage isn't common, and not many power sets have the primal aesthetic of Poisons and Savage Melee.  I wanted to try my hand at something of a "Poison Melee" idea.


Venomous Melee

(Scrapper/Brute/Stalker Primary, Tanker Secondary)


Baseline Mechanic: Every attack applies stacks of "Venom."  This debuff is a weak toxic damage over time effect with a mild slow.  Each new stack adds to the total, and resets the duration.  This stacks up to 10 times, increasing the damage and slow additively.  After 10 are in effect, instead of gaining new stacks, your attacks will deal bonus toxic damage equal to the amount that a new stack would have done over its full duration (lump sum).  The attempt to apply a stack over 10 also causes a short, weak immobilize, though the target becomes immune to that particular immobilize effect for several seconds to keep the set from permanently locking people down.


  1. Infected Claws: Weak single-target Lethal/Toxic damage
  2. Venomous Fangs: Moderate single-target Lethal/Toxic damage, small heal for each stack of Venom a target has.  This heal isn't as powerful as Radiation Siphon or Siphon Life, but it's on a shorter cooldown ability, so it's more spamable.
  3. Corrosive Bile: Cone Moderate Toxic DoT, -Def, -Res.  Being a cone, this does not benefit from Infectious Presence, but it DOES benefit from Hemotoxin.
  4. Hemotoxin: Passive that causes all Venomous Melee attacks to apply 2 stacks of Venom each instead of 1, while increasing accuracy slightly.  [Stalkers would get a build-up version instead, though grabbing the power would give all attacks a 50% chance of applying Venom 2 stacks instead of 1.]
  5. Infectious Presence: Toggle that causes all single-target attacks to apply Venom to 1 additional target you didn't hit that is within range of this aura.  Once you have also taken Hemotoxin, this spreads Venom to 2 additional targets instead.  This can also cause attackers within this aura to have a chance of gaining a stack of Venom when they hit you.  This aura also extends the duration of your Venom stacks on any enemies within range, allowing you to change targets without losing progress on the first target's stacks, so long as you maintain close proximity.  Since this power set has only one area attack, this is how you provide area damage, much like how Beam Rifle relies on Disintegrate spread for its area damage.  [Stalkers would get Assassin's Fangs instead, and the quick-cast "in combat" version of this ability would spread the number of stacks on your Assassin's Fangs target to one nearby enemy.]
  6. Challenge/Taunt/Placate: Self Explanatory
  7. Spit Venom: High ranged single-target Toxic damage that lowers enemy perception and to-hit.
  8. Septic Slash: Severe melee single-target Lethal damage that deals bonus damage for each stack of Venom, and can stun a target who is at 10 stacks.
  9. Lethal Injection: Extreme single-target Lethal/Toxic damage that applies a hold immediately upon activation, holding the enemy in place for a powerful bite that pumps them full of venom.  The hold is short (activation time duration) but high magnitude.  It immediately applies 10 stacks of Venom, and if you have Hemotoxin, the immobilize duration is extended and you deal 5 additional stacks of Venom damage (since these are over the 10 threshold, they would apply as instant damage instead of damage over time).
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