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The father, son and CoH


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Hate to clutter up the boards with more of the same type post that many others have already made, but I really wanted to get this out of my head and heart.


First of all, many thanks to the people putting this all together. The past few days have been truly special because of you.


Second, I just want to put it out there that like many of you I have very mixed feelings re: SCORE and the secret server. While Leo is getting a lot of the heat, I think we would all probably recognize the names of many of the players that got to share the "secret server". Hell, I'm sure some of the members of one of the super groups I was in made it. They were too big in the community not to have.


Gut punched, sums it up pretty well.


Most importantly, I want to share this. I started playing pre-release and didn't stop until the close. My son started playing with me when he was 9. He has since gone to college, graduated, attended the Police Academy and now works as a Sheriff's Deputy (Hell yeah, I'm proud). We still see each other every other Friday (our work schedules are completely opposite), usually for dinner and some talk time.


This past Friday we sat at his kitchen table and played CoH for 6 hours. It was grand and glorious, not unlike stepping into a time machine. We laughed and played our asses off.


Just like the old times...


Think we'll do it again soon, thanks to you guys. Like a lot of others have said, it was and is more than a game. It's friends, family and the community.



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