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The DMZ (HBO Max)

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   I've watched all four episodes of this miniseries after seeing it pop up under new shows. It didn't take me long to get invested. I was pleasantly surprised to find it falling into the dystopian future category which is a personal favorite of mine so maybe that's not a surprise. Rosario Dawson is also one of my favorite actresses and I like her in a lot of the roles she's played. The show is based off of the comic series of the same name by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchelli. Written by Roberto Patino and mostly directed by Ernest Dickinson. Starring Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Bratt and Freddy Miyares.


   Eight years after The Second American Civil War Alma Ortega (Rosario Dawson) enters the gang controlled Manhattan DMZ in search of her son who she became separated from during the evacuation of NYC. She finds the DMZ to not be the war zone she was told to expect while the search for her son (Freddy Miyares) leads her to surprising events.



   After watching this one and reading reviews I find myself disagreeing with most of them. I fully enjoyed The DMZ and and recommend it to anyone who likes action dramas. The show is paced well, the scenes are really well done and the characters are well acted all around. The setting of an alternate history America isn't very fleshed out but focuses on the characters and the Manhattan DMZ itself with some basic information being provided in the background. It doesn't feel missing though and instead leaves those other things to be the drivers of the show. I was worried at first about it being a political social commentary on current events but there was none of that to be seen. The story itself is well contained within the four episodes and the finale neither feels forced nor that it goes nowhere. It was clear to me that the ending intended to convey that while this story was at an end there was a new day and a new beginning for the DMZ. At only four episodes it's worth giving a shot to see if it hooks you.

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