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Obstacle Course Inspo?


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Hi all! I'm interested in trying to build a base on Everlasting that is inspired by obstacle courses! Obviously it's hard to have any moving parts, but I've come up with a few ideas already:


  • Platforming areas: places where you have to jump from ledge to ledge to proceed, with the ledges possibly getting progressively smaller and/or farther apart
  • Pit traps: pits which must be navigating by hopping from pillar to pillar, walking a narrow bridge, or other means of traversal
  • Wall obstacles: walls which must be climbed, jumped over, or otherwise bypassed to proceed
    • Invisible walls: I used these in the Evermaze and had a great time watching people try to figure that room out, so I'll probably use them again because...why not.
  • Tunnel/hoop obstacles: tight spaces that characters may have to walk/jump/fly/teleport through to proceed
  • Slides: areas where a character has to balance on a slide to proceed in a certain direction


I'm looking for other ideas from the base-building community on neat obstacles that could be included, and if you've got a cool base feature I can take inspiration from, I'd love some screenshots and info about it and/or a base code so that I can come check it out for myself. Thanks!

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