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Spectrum: More Please?

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While I love the ability to set the base layer to Spectrum, I find that I have a number of costume ideas that would benefit from additional Spectrum selections under different piece choices.

1) I would like to see Spectrum as a 'pattern' added to pieces that allow pattern customization. This would allow us to Spectrumize our pants/skirts/shorts/gloves and so on.

2) I would love to see the 'parts' from the Full Masks have a Spectrum variant, but understand that would be a lot of additional coding to add Astra Spectrum, Diablo Spectrum, and so on...and would make the list needlessly long. This would be a 'nice to have' but I'm not holding my breath on this one.


3) A little less 'pie in the sky' than option 2 would be to add a Spectrum option for many/most of the shoulder options.  We already have a 'variant' option there, but most entries don't have a variant on offer.  If we could link in a Spectrum option, that would allow for dayglow shoulders.


4) For those items that allow it, a material option of Spectrum would be awesome. This would allow us to have both a pattern and spectrum at the same time. I could see this being fun with a black 'background' and then a bright pattern like lightning or fire, giving a part of the costume a 'pop' it wouldn't normally have.

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