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Guide to dealing with harassment in Roleplay

GM Kal

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In order to help us help you, here are some guidelines on how to deal with harassment and other unwanted interactions.

If you are having trouble with harassment or intentional RP disruptors:


  • Please remember to go OOC in a tell and break character immediately.

If you want the situation ended, there is no point to you staying in character with this person. Strictly avoiding OOC is not a sign of good roleplay. Anything else can be misunderstood. OOC = Out of character. Usually indicated by ((  )) commonly on Homecoming.


  • Politely and specifically ask them to stop the behavior, or ask them to not interact with you in a tell.

Local chat is likely to be missed in busy areas.


  • Please take a UI screenshot* showing both you politely asking for the behavior to stop, and any response if possible.

If it continues, then create a support ticket. If you first submit a support ticket in game with menu, support, you can later amend it with a forum support ticket so you can attach more evidence and info. If you do not take or do not have a screenshot, please report it anyway.


We take harassment seriously.
Thank you and have fun RPing! It's always great to see creative people getting into character!

* https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Screenshots#The_User_Interface

From the CoC:


Conduct Guidelines
- Do not abuse or harass others
-- This includes players, Homecoming staff, and players or staff from other communities
-- If someone wants you to leave them alone, you must leave them alone


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Guide for dealing with RP harassment while hosting events in SG bases:

If someone is greatly affecting your event and you want them to leave:


  • Ask them clearly to stop the behavior or leave first, as above.


  • Submit a support ticket if they persist.


  • In case GM staff is not immediately available, and the situation is bad; you can do what event staff refer to as the nuclear option:
    Have all members of the SG base and coalition members form teams with them as the lead. Invite wanted and welcome guests to those teams. Change the base code. This will eject all players not on a SG/coalition lead team. Change the base code back as you wish so as not to miss new people joining your event.
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