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Custom Weapon Update: Adjusting the Mace Size on the Celestial Mace Model

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The War Mace custom option named "Celestial Mace" currently is the same model as the "Celestial Axe" used in Battle Axe - only reversed.  See below:

(Celestial Mace) spacer.png  versus spacer.png(Celestial Axe)


While I am unsure what design constraints/choices went into this choice, the result is a somewhat awkward Hammer with a significantly longer bladed back than blunted hammer. 


Is it possible to adjust the size of the blunt portion of the Celestial Mace and reduce the bladed portion? Preferably, the design would retain the ornate celestial pattern yet swap sides it to ensure that the larger design aspect is now covering the front blunt area for the Celestial Mace.


I propose that the resizing produce a hammer with blunted/blade ratios similar to the Rularuu's Fury mace option.



If folks would still like to keep the current style of the "Celestial Mace," they could have that option as too. 

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