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IC Story Arc Run!

Zephyr Star

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Hello Everlasting!


I love teaming! I love IC teams even more! 

I have a new character I've been playing the past few days and I'm trying something new-- after collecting every block of contacts that give story arcs available to a level range I turn off my XP so I can finish without levelling past them. But Zeph, you're probably not asking yourself, why don't you just do flashbacks?

Because I want to be able to invite another player into the group in case someone has to leave, which you can't do with flashbacks. Just that simple.🤷‍♀️


I'm looking for a change from scanner/newspaper groups, and blazing through TFs/SFs. Which are great for levelling of course, but I have a fair number of level 50s collecting dust on my alt shelf and am not looking to do that with this character.

Anyway. Today, April 13 2022 at 3pm PST (6pm EST) I will be doing the Vahzilok Pollutant Plot, a level 14 story arc! It's 6 missions long, and I'm guessing with being IC and running around with 7 other players, this will probably take about an hour-hour and a half! And yes I'm picking Vahzilok for this because I am vaguely mean.

Any level will be welcome. Any AT will be welcome. Anyone at all will be welcome, I only ask that you're willing to roleplay!

If you're at all interested, I'm going to start the invites about 15 min before starting (so, around 2:45pm PST). Just send a whisper to my global, @Zephyr Star to see about an invite!

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I teamed with some wonderful RPers today! It was so much fun, I will likely make this a regular thing (until I can't!). Probably a little earlier in the day (12pm PST/3pm EST). I'll make a note of it here when I have another arc ready!

I love this server.


Edit to add, which I should have done in the first post: The character I am using for this is named Lady Domino, Dark/Dark Scrapper!

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