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Everlasting Yellow Pages


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Hi, all!

I'm one of the several people trying to maintain/keep organized the Everlasting Yellow Pages. No, I am not the owner, but I do make an effort to keep it organized and useable. Due to the increasing size (over 260 entries!) I have thought that some of the incorrect/incomplete information needs to be deleted, as many people actually regularly use it as a resource for their RP.


As of 04/16/2022, I have fixed the sheet after it has been broken (again!), and it has come to my notice that several entries have incorrect base codes, and have had incorrect base codes for well over a year. I will leave them for now to give people a chance to update them, but I am going to delete them within a few months to remove some of the confusing clutter. If you  are the owner of one of these bases, or know the owner, please update the listing!


As a reminder the Everlasting Yellow Pages are located at:




Also, if you are the real world owner of any of the bases that do not have an owner listed, please list your Global Name in the listing so you can be contacted if there are issues. We love that so many people have created bases and roleplaying venues, but people need to know who to contact. I am heavily considering deleting entries that do not have an owner listed, as well as the heavily incomplete entries, not because your efforts aren't appreciated, but because we want to know you are still around to maintain it. I am also considering adding an email field for those who aren't in game much, but still maintain their bases. This would be completely optional, however.


As a gentle reminder, if you delete the character that is the Owner of the SG, the base is deleted as well. This has likely caused some of the issues.


Thank you for your time!

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