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Poll on arena settings (forum version)


Poll on arena settings (forum version)  

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  1. 1. Please vote for all of the statements that you agree with, or vote "I disagree with all of the above"

    • I agree with adding an incarnate setting dropdown menu to the arena with these options: "No Incarnates", "Alpha Incarnate Only", "Passive Incarnates Only" "All Incarnates Allowed".
    • I agree with adding a tie break setting dropdown menu with these options: "Tie Break: None", "Tie Break: Sudden Death", "Tie Break: Insp Count".
    • I agree with changing the respawn timers in arena so that it takes a consistent amount of time for a player to respawn.
    • I agree with adding a setting called "No Inspiration Drops" which turns off the chance to get a random inspiration upon defeating an enemy.
    • I agree with changing the settings that are forced on by 'Rated Mode' to these: "No Travel Suppression" + "No Heal Decay" + "No Inspiration Drops" + "Small Inspirations Only" + "Alpha Incarnate Only".
    • I disagree with all of the above.

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I'm sure most of you have seen this poll already, I was asked by Bopper to post it here as well to make sure it reaches the widest audience possible.


The votes concern various changes to the arena settings menu, here is a mockup of what the new menu could look like:



If you have any questions about what exactly the vote choices are about, feel free to post them below.

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