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  1. Sign below by saying /signed or something similar to petition for nullifier to root-cancel again, as it used to before the latest patch. Note for PvE players: Nullifier is a PvP only power which is based on the Crey Pistol, signing this petition is unlikely to to result in the root-cancel of any other powers being reinstated. You may wish to sign anyway in order to set a precedent for doing so, should that be in your interest. Current Signature Total: 35
  2. This, except as a buff that lasts for ~10 seconds and is linked to landing a melee attack. That way it doesn't make just using fossilize and taunt any better, and only buffs the melee hit > more melee hits playstyle. Edit: Also doing it this way allows it to limit the buff to aggressive play only, rather than also buffing evading.
  3. Upon testing, in pvp it doesn't give either Protection or Resistance:
  4. A couple more "just ideas". 4. Prevent it benefiting from range bonuses, may allow someone at the apex of their jump to hit a single follow-up attack on someone who's just jaunted straight up. 5. Have it apply -fly for a few seconds. Preventing raptor packing at the top and forcing the expenditure of multiple jaunt charges to stay up in the air. Whether any of this needs to apply to combat teleport, I'm not sure, since it doesn't come packaged with super speed.
  5. Wild Fortress Request: Add a "minimal FX" option to compensate for the change that makes the FX show permanently. Reason: I'm used to being able to hide it, and its ugly. Reaction Time Request: Add a "minimal FX" option. Reason: This power is supposed to be "natural" (as hinted by it's name), however makes large glowing rings emanate from the player. Temporal Healing Request: Add a "minimal FX" option. Reason: If the two mentioned above get this option, this power is also explainable thematically as not making a visible effect. Boost Range Request: +Perception. Reason: Wouldn't change pve much, would add another choice to the other two options (/TA and /Devices) that can skip the usually mandatory Tactics in pvp.
  6. Regarding NPCs, I recalled there are these "neutral to player" ones you can find in Mercy Island: You can see they are neutral to you by their target frame being yellow instead of orange. Their behaviour is that they do not attack the player unless they are first attacked. I wonder if this AI can be ported to the enemy faction NPCs in pvp zones, so for example if you are Blue-side in RV the Longbow would count as allies to you, but the Arachnos would count as neutral like this. The benefit of this would be that they can go unchanged for whenever pvers want to do pve things in pvp zones, but at the same time not attack the pvpers overhead.
  7. Request: I would like Energy Transfer to have a recharge of 13 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Reason: I have 5 procs in it on live and I want them to stay at 90% chance.
  8. @Alouu - Mind/Energy Dominator @Whoogiewatsit - Ice/Nature Corruptor @GalakticheskiyBarsuk - ElecAffinity/Ice Defender
  9. @Alouu - Beam Rifle/Plant Blaster @Whoogiewatsit - Psi/Bio Stalker
  10. @Obitus Preach on brother! I wonder how common the sentiment "it doesn't seem like a problem to me but if the devs are going to change it I might as well push for the least painful changes" is. It's definitely mine.
  11. That probably depends on what you mean by leave them. If my area factors were to mesh with the current 10 second recharge behaviour it would result in a nerf, so either there would need to be two area factors one for patches and one for the clicky AOEs, or the solution I just detailed.
  12. For chain powers there are two alternatives: 1: Have a fixed Targets amount that just estimates what kind of result you would get on average, very much like the area factor does now. 2: Wait until the whole chain resolves until applying the procs. For AOE rains/patches, currently the way these work is on initial cast and every 10 seconds thereafter they roll their procs based on as if the power had a recharge time of 10 seconds. Since the amount of these 10 second intervals is known beforehand (eg. in a 15 second rain you get 2, one at 0 seconds and one at 10 seconds), this is what can be done: Each interval the number of targets in the patch being hit is determined, which in turn determines the area factor under my system. This proc chance is then divided by the number of total intervals that the patch is already known to have, and then the procs are rolled. (fire off, or dont). Of course all of these procs connected to this one power are immune to being locked-out by previous rolls they had in the same specific cast of that power (so if a proc fired on the first interval, it can still fire again on subsequent intervals), however the lockout for the next cast would begin as soon as the power activated. So overall you get the same total chance as in a normal AOE but split over however many intervals there are in that particular power, and it wouldnt act as if the power had a recharge time of 10 seconds, rather it would use the actual recharge time of the power and just use those 10 second intervals for proc application.
  13. Yeah okay, I didnt want to dominate the thread with a post full of images but I'll wrap them in a spoiler.
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