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  1. Will be adding more feedback later but for now: "All travel power speed cap increases from Issue 27, Page 2 now also apply in PvP" - This does not seem to be working, neither in zone nor arena. Edit 1: Testing the duration of the Fortunata Hypnosis proc in the Psychic Blast power Will Domination: The results were as follows: Live Test Point Blank Range, Assault OFF 7.25 seconds 7.25 seconds Point Blank Range, Assault ON 5.76 seconds 6.21 seconds
  2. Here is the updated bracket, showing which characters are going to be facing which: @Loopy has dropped out of the event, @Rednefed has taken his place in the bracket, @Rednefed is bringing an Elec/Dark Defender @hax0r has dropped out of the event, @Ganker Hornet has taken his place in the bracket, @Ganker Hornet is bringing a Fire/Devices Blaster @Madvillain has dropped out of the event, @Void has taken his place in the bracket, @Void is bringing a Psi/Plant Blaster
  3. Global: @Alouu Character 1: Nature/Elec Defender Character 2: Ice/Plant Blaster Character 3: Dark/Time Blaster
  4. Travel DR Feedback Due to DR, it is not possible to reach the newly ported over run speed or jump speed caps in pvp without external assistance (eg. speed boost, internal reduction). The plot below shows how various travel powers function at various levels of enhancement on brainstorm: The orange line is super speed (or speed of sound) + sprint + swift. (However, sprint and swift are always 53% enhanced at every point on the line). The blue line is fly + evasive maneuvers + swift. (However, evasive maneuvers and swift are always 0% enhanced at every poin
  5. Assuming the main balancing point for RoP is uptime and the dev intended value for that is 33% I would like to request: Duration: 40s -> 60s Recharge: 120s -> 180s Reasoning: The 33% uptime balance-point will be maintained. The power wont need to be animated as frequently. The increased flat up & downtime will synergize better with t9s. The increased flat up & downtime will synergize better with melee hybrid.
  6. Bugs: In pvp, Speed of Sound alternates between giving 1 copy and 2 copies of its run-speed bonus. This causes my run-speed to fluctuate. Additionally, Toggling Speed of Sound and Infiltration at the same time in pvp causes the two powers to contest over which of them defines my run speed. This added in to the previous bug causes my run speed to fluctuate between multiple different speeds. Patch notes list jaunt has having both 30s and 20s recharge in pvp. I don't know which of these is intended, but the former is true. Balance:
  7. @Alouu @Whoogiewatsit @MJB @Madvillain @Madden1 @Majestrix (substitute)
  8. @Alouu - Ice/Plant Blaster @Whoogiewatsit - Ice/Nature Corruptor
  9. Sign below by saying /signed or something similar to petition for nullifier to root-cancel again, as it used to before the latest patch. Note for PvE players: Nullifier is a PvP only power which is based on the Crey Pistol, signing this petition is unlikely to to result in the root-cancel of any other powers being reinstated. You may wish to sign anyway in order to set a precedent for doing so, should that be in your interest. Current Signature Total: 35
  10. This, except as a buff that lasts for ~10 seconds and is linked to landing a melee attack. That way it doesn't make just using fossilize and taunt any better, and only buffs the melee hit > more melee hits playstyle. Edit: Also doing it this way allows it to limit the buff to aggressive play only, rather than also buffing evading.
  11. Upon testing, in pvp it doesn't give either Protection or Resistance:
  12. A couple more "just ideas". 4. Prevent it benefiting from range bonuses, may allow someone at the apex of their jump to hit a single follow-up attack on someone who's just jaunted straight up. 5. Have it apply -fly for a few seconds. Preventing raptor packing at the top and forcing the expenditure of multiple jaunt charges to stay up in the air. Whether any of this needs to apply to combat teleport, I'm not sure, since it doesn't come packaged with super speed.
  13. Wild Fortress Request: Add a "minimal FX" option to compensate for the change that makes the FX show permanently. Reason: I'm used to being able to hide it, and its ugly. Reaction Time Request: Add a "minimal FX" option. Reason: This power is supposed to be "natural" (as hinted by it's name), however makes large glowing rings emanate from the player. Temporal Healing Request: Add a "minimal FX" option. Reason: If the two mentioned above get this option, this power is also explainable thematically as not making a visible effect.
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