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DFB Fire Rune wrong damage type

Kai Moon

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Rune Burst is the power used by the fire traps in the Hellions part of Death From Below (DFB). It incorrectly deals energy, not fire damage. Apparently a copy paste error from Electric Bomb Blast, the power used by the electric bombs in the Lost part of DFB, which correctly deal energy damage.


Tested on level 1 tankers.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a level 1 elec armor/* tanker with Charged Armor.

2. Queue locked solo for DFB.

3. Untoggle Charged Armor.

4. Get hit by a fire trap, and record damage.

5. Toggle Charged Armor.

6. Get hit by a fire trap, and record damage.

7. Create a level 1 fiery aura/* tanker with Fire Shield.

8. Repeat steps 2-6 with Fire Shield instead of Charged Armor


Expected results:

Fire Shield reduces Rune Burst damage from 2.02 to 1.41 (30% reduction). Charged Armor has no effect.


Actual results:

Charged Armor reduces Rune Burst damage from 2.02 to 1.31 (35% reduction). Fire Shield has no effect.


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