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"Infiltration" doesn't increase fly speed


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The website here Concealment - Unofficial Homecoming Wiki says that Infiltration is +FlySpeed but I found out today that is inaccurate. It is only +run and +jump (and stealth and defense).  I have a Blaster with Hover and I thought Infiltration would pair well with Hover as a stealthy travel power with a defense boost. While none of the travel methods would be super fast, I would be fairly fast at all three run, jump and fly. Unfortunately there is no fly speed increase with Infiltration. It all still works well together but not as well as I had imagined. 

Maybe this will help prevent someone some confusion.

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That may have been in Beta that it had a +Fly. Pretty sure it changed when Evasive Maneuvers was added. Infiltration is a nice way to have a Stealth without a -Speed Debuff. The description of Infiltration does not list a +Fly. If you scroll down a bit to the full description of Infiltration it doesn't list +Fly Speed either. 

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