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Multiple TF bugs

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This has been happening a lot lately, typically when the team is just formed.

Essentially, it seems as though you can create a TF, but not be "on" the TF, resulting in you clicking the door only to have it sit there, waiting with an hourglass icon, and nothing happening - until you can move again.  Clicking on ANY door results in the same, instead of the usual "You can't enter this door" generic message you'd otherwise get.  I have noticed in this case it does not kick my level down and while I'm still on the team, for all intents and purposes on the TF, I am not really on the TF.

Another oddity, likely in the same vein:  We tried to reset a mission by logging out, logging back in.  The leader logged back in first, and the rest of us followed.. the leader wasn't on the team.  Very strange.  Go into the mission door... there they are.  Blue (instead of green) name, in the same mission as the rest of the team, but not on the team.  After that mission completed, it immediately set to the same mission again (same door, same map) but a new instance.  After that, nobody on the team could talk to the contact.  Assuming the former leader was still the leader, but no longer on the team.

Not sure how to reproduce it, if it has to do with using the LFG queue, other than just trying to form TFs and see if the first mission works.  It happens somewhat frequently but not frequently enough to reproduce it with certainty.

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Yep, you got hit by a bug from using the LFG queue to transport around.  Every time you use the LFG queue to transport, you should type: /teamquitinternal immediately after arriving at your destination.

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Posted (edited)

I noticed that this is rather new, if it happened on live / before on HC, it was EXTREMELY uncommon.

When did this start happening and is there a fix planned since this seems to be a known issue?

Also, TY for the workaround, I will let people know about that.

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It's not new.  It's been an issue since at least the start of Homecoming.  Probably since when TFs and SFs were added to the LFG queue back on live.  It's just usually rare.  I've encountered it a few times over 2019 through 2021, until I learned about the /teamquitinternal command and began using it every time I use the LFG queue.


There's no fix planned, per se.  Technically, using the LFG queue while solo is considered an exploit by the developers as using it solo to move around is not its intended purpose.  It's just a low priority exploit ATM.  So for now the fix is, as as I said, to use /teamquitinternal every time you use the LFG queue while solo.



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