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Major Deej Universe & Major Deej Comics


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The MAJOR DEEJ UNIVERSE and MAJOR DEEJ COMICS are open for any and all to enjoy!




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Using the 'canvas' of City of Heroes' maps, environments and features, the not-for-profit (yet copyrighted and trademarked) Major Deej Universe litany of characters, stories and comics grew since 2010 from a dozen simple characters some originally created as far back as the 1970s to dynamic, exciting and three-dimensional modern characters that were made to exhibit in many online platforms, but always with City of Heroes as its primary inspiration and muse!


We've just finished our most recent MAJOR DEEJ UNIVERSE comic, Allied Fighters Issue #3, and we invite you to check it out and read it along with all our fans and followers!




Please, feel free to access and read any and all Major Deej Comics, along with our characters in their site webpages...and as its always been and shall continue to be - it's all to enjoy FOR FREE! 


Also, you can follow us on the follow social media sites to get the latest news, updates and notifications of comics and entries:


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MajorDeej



TWITTER: https://twitter.com/majdeejuniverse/


I hope you, as a fan of City of Heroes, will doubly enjoy seeing characters, villains, origins and amazing bases and locales created from the imagination of a fellow CoH/CoV player!  Let us know what you think here in the forums and on our site's comments section! 


Looking forward to you checking out our universe - the MAJOR DEEJ UNIVERSE!


- Major Deej

  Founder of Major Deej Universe and Major Deej Comics



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Founder and Creator of the Major Deej Universe


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