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  1. So last night on Excelsior we were waiting to spawn Adamastor and we got a surprise visitor, Kronos Titan. (Click pics to see the large version.) https://ibb.co/Sc8wsnf And then of course Adamastor spawned. And I was like, "Let them fight!" So yeah, awesome kaiju hijinks ensued. https://ibb.co/xDYtgc2 https://ibb.co/Khv4K2h https://ibb.co/FgRpzx3 https://ibb.co/f17k4h3 https://ibb.co/xYKQMXY
  2. You’re far ahead of the game from what I can see. I’ve tried demoediting and the instructions read to me like “Argle bargle get a magic wand for this bit, also mathy math.”
  3. Spectacular! Champion Chimp sits right in the center of the Venn diagram of Golden Age, Anthropomorphic, and Boxing. I assume you did a Demoedit to get this pic, and it looks amazing.
  4. I really like this. The color really brings the disparate elements together, like Jeff Lebowski’s rug.
  5. In the theme of all these boxing guys, here’s my toon from back in the day, Boom-Boom the Panda. The name is more of a meta pun than my usual, riffing off famous pandas like Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing combined with fisticuffs. Once the boxing costume was added to the game I made an alternate outfit using those bits, but I never uploaded those pics. https://ibb.co/1zYzvZM https://www.deviantart.com/dashmccool/art/Boom-Boom-the-Panda-155296102
  6. I’m surprised you didn’t go with Street Fighting.
  7. The other night some of us on a team were talking about legacy characters after I mentioned that I had created an aged-up version of one of my teen heroes from back in the day. He was 16 then and 28 now, so Mighty Lad became Mighty-Man. (I retconned the dates a bit.) Mighty Lad: https://www.deviantart.com/dashmccool/art/Mighty-Lad-94031428 https://ibb.co/MkLysTK https://ibb.co/wwzD7rr Someone else mentioned that the character they were playing was the kid of their original toon from Live, and I wanted to do that, too. Probably my seco
  8. I keep coming back to this one because it’s perfect. Simple, stylized, straight out of a comic or cartoon of that era.
  9. She’s the star of numerous Japanese horror films, I wager.
  10. This is awesome. One of the best “space centurion” looks I’ve ever seen.
  11. This is neat. Last night I saw you scooting away as I was popping through Atlas doing the Midnight Society arc and thought that was an interesting name, but you jetted off before I could get a closer look.
  12. I knew I was forgetting a couple. https://ibb.co/hKFjDdD https://ibb.co/Tk0ZmgQ
  13. More that you did me a huge favor, since Lady Vamp is not a real damage-dealer, and Mercyground made everything better. 🙂 (I sent out a request for help because I was facing a mission with 2 Elite Bosses, and immediately 7 people responded with offers to help, including Singularis, who then teamed up with me after, which made it awesome. This game and the community is so great.)
  14. I like movies, too. https://ibb.co/5jRQHsX https://ibb.co/R6K5tK6 https://ibb.co/8dycHBD https://ibb.co/sJcVj8N
  15. For fun I made Reddy Killerwatt, based on the old advertising mascot named Reddy Kilowatt from waaay back in the day. https://ibb.co/dfqNH2q https://ibb.co/zN8X5CJ
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