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A word of appreciation is due for all the hard work put into the new base building items. I tested a few of them out, because I had to see what was available.


The first thing I saw and tried was the gate pieces. I was very much hoping that the gate doors were hinge animated like they are in the game world, but alas, it seems not to be. Still, it's a lovely piece, and would compliment many of the base designs I have wandered in to look at so far.


I am looking forward to the new Arachnos bits going live, though I wasn't able to do much with a lot of the larger structures, as they seem more intended for out-of-base builds. Still, happy to see the statues, too! One thing I did see a bit of, but only two variations, and was something I had been hoping for were the dark/black angular struts often seen in Arachnos bases coming out of walls and floors. (Included were a straight piece and one that resembles a question mark.) I was looking in particular for that sharp angular bit used to make the "floor spider" patterning. As one of them is just a straight bar, is it intended that we build the different variations out of the two structures included, or are there more angular pieces to come? At any rate, I'll have to play with it.


I also tried out building a partial house structure out of the straight wall, curved wall and roof pieces, and I was very happy with the results. Including the inner structural bits was a lovely idea, and I'm happy to see the roof has an under-texture to it and isn't just transparent. To aid with building multiple floors and minimizing the need to flip and double up on the larger floor and platform pieces, it would be amazing if those could also have a texture visible from underneath. I'm not sure if this would be difficult to implement (I'm assuming it's just applying skin to existing mesh) or if there's a concern for increased base load times, but I would think doubling up on floors would cause the same latter issue anyway. Either way, I can work around it, but it would be lovely to see the undersides of floors.


Another thing I was excited for in the "testing" section (I understand this is not due for the next release) was the various ice floor pieces. I did pop out of edit mode to try them out, and they all seem to animate movement just fine. I didn't try the actual slide pieces yet, but seeing their presence makes me excited for the possible "winter theme park" bases that may soon exist!


There's so much more to be excited about, but I haven't had time to play with it all yet, like the tons of Praetorian and Rikti pieces. Anyway... just wanted to extend gratitude and feedback on all the hard work that's been done to improve base building options. It has not gone unnoticed!

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