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Ice/Spines/Ice questions/build request


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I created a concept and costume I really liked for an Ice/Spines tank. Having never played either set, I have lots of questions and don't know where to start with a build. I've stolen what I can off the forums but I really want to fit Ice Storm into the build and most of what I've seen here is pretty starved for both powers and slots. I threw one together that I will post when I get to my PC, which has capped defense to S/L/E/N/C, about 60% S/L resist, and very low Psi def/res - does this sound right for Ice?


Some other questions:

- Are there skippable powers in either set? My build so far skips Lunge and Impale since it'll have procced-out Block of Ice as an attack, but otherwise takes everything. I am thinking about skipping Spine Burst once I get higher leveled. The AOE is nice at low levels but it does seem pretty weak.

- Is it worthwhile/necessary to take both Icicles and Quills? And are they one-slot wonders or do they need to be 6-slotted?

- How should Energy Absorption be slotted?

- Most importantly, is this going to be able to tank level 50+ content? I am used to seeing higher numbers across the board on my Shield/Invuln/Dark tanks and if Ice is an underperforming set I may need to consider rolling a different combo.


Thank you!

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Will be better equipped to comment on your posted build.  One caveat:  I have a very durable Ice build, but with Stone Melee as the secondary, rather than spines.


As for the other questions (and pertaining to Ice Armor):

-I skip Hibernate.  Spine Burst:  I would keep every AOE in your toolbox.  Always.

-Yes.  I would keep every AOE in your toolbox.  Especially damage auras.  Always.  You will be an aggro magnet, which is a good thing.  On my particular build, I six-slot Icicles with MoT.  Some agree and some poo-poo the ATO procs in auras, as you will probably never get triple stacks.  This build doesn't need it and I like the "fire and forget" nature.  Even with only one stack, the build has excellent resists.

-Energy Absorption:  I six slotted LotG, to add to already strong defenses and to gain the global recharge, accuracy and resistance bonuses.

-AVALNCH tanks everything.  At level 54 content, he uses Ageless Radial for DDR, to keep the strong defense numbers up.  Shield, he isn't, but anything short of trying to solo Lord Recluse at +4 is doable.  A built well shield tank is the premier def based armor.  Inv is hybrid, so with Def + Res, and when built to the max is, in my opinion (and I'm an admitted Inv fanboy) the strongest armor set available, for all content.  I wouldn't call Ice "underperforming" overall, but it certainly isn't at the very top of durability.  That's just reality.


There was a healthy discussion about Ice Armor, here, as well:


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