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  1. Would you mind posting your best build?
  2. Nah, just build it right. Here's my titular toon's stats (Stone/SS)...granite off. Many builds just like this in the "building a better non-granite stone tank" thread.
  3. Wait until you meet +4 Arachnos, as well... As Peregrine already said, Impervium Armor (non-unique, so can use multiples) and Aegis (unique) are commonly used to beef up Stone and Invulnerability builds. You can also build a stone tank to not need granite, for all content, except in "emergencies" and Minerals is a great power, against psi.
  4. You using Mids' Reborn, Wit? If so, once the build is loaded in Mids, click Import/Export, then choose short or long version, and click Export (leave the default colors, as they work best with the dark background of this forum). You'll get a message that the data was placed on the clipboard. Then just "paste" in the posting window and you're done.
  5. Simple and easy to drive? Go all the way back to retail release, in 2004, when the max level was 40 and there were only four tanker primaries: Fire, Ice, Inv & Stone. Secondaries had no combos to worry about, just make a sturdy tank (some with damage auras), pick any secondary and push attack buttons, when needed. My all time favorite and the one I continue to play the most and reach for, when cruising is my goal...Inv/SS. Very little in this game is as satisfying as Foot Stomp.
  6. Check out this link for making granite, as fast as possible: Proc-Rocks: Stone/SS/Soul Proc-Star (Page 5 version) - Tanker - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com) And look here for the latest strategy (and the way I remade my titular toon from Live - PLVRIZR) for building an incredibly sturdy stone armor tank, with granite armor only used as an "oh-$hit" emergency button: Build a better Un-Granite stoner? - Tanker - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  7. Love my WP/Fire tank, but too lament the low DDR where some instances ITF can be too overwhelming for even the most robust regen. Easily fixed with Barrier or Ageless incarnates, but not much fun on the grind to 50 or exemp-ing afterward. Thanks to Sovera for suggestions on this build and I went for damage and didn't chase either Def or Resist, knowing I could power through most circumstances (1,125% regen in a mob of 10 or more), and the numbers don't include the AT absorb and +Res. Speaking of, I have adopted the philosophy of using the AT procs in AOEs, so they fire, nearly ev
  8. Have you main tanked the ITF at +4/8?
  9. Hehe, I cribbed(stole) from others (Hyperstrike, Infinitum, etc.), so trying to pay it forward. Couple things: I don't see the Steadfast Protection unique, so you're missing out on 3% Def on all categories. If you simply swap the Impervium psi unique for it, in Resist Physical Damage, you'd lose 6% psi resist but gain 3% Def in every category. I would consider moving one of the LBE slots to RPD, which will not only save a bunch of infl., but keep the Impervium unique and add Steadfast. You lose 5% psi defense, but immediately gain back 3% with Steadfast (and all other categorie
  10. I'll also stick with JP...Jawbreaker, or, in my tank's case: JAWBRKR Judas Priest - Jawbreaker (Official Audio) - YouTube
  11. Invincibility is the taunt aura. Some Inv tanks report they don't even take Taunt, as a power, because it's so good. Invincibility also allows you to drop a Gaussian's -chance for build up in it, which fires with virtually every mob. That plus double Rage makes Foot Stomp a monster. I cannot fathom Whirlwind on a tank, but if it works for you, go for it. Here's my (unkillable) go-to Inv/SS - NUTCRCKR, if you wanted to compare builds. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the bui
  12. ...best one ever is Martial Arts in Granite Armor. Laughs galore watching the giant rock do flips and spins and kicks πŸ˜†
  13. Unless you consider its utility as a mule...I take it and five slot it with Impervium Armor. In game, I wholeheartedly agree. While my "NUTCRCKR" is a tank, he's pretty bulletproof, as well...
  14. Who said Dark Armor can't be unkillable? Not this guy. Well done, great numbers, even without incarnates. <-----------|
  15. What are your goals/plans? General content, AV/GM killing, farming, tanking/off-tanking?
  16. ^---this. My own version of your "Brunker" (Fire/MA variant named Martial Mayhem), breezed through Posi 1 & 2, Synapse, Yin, Numina, Manti and Citadel. Imminently "scalable". With the tank, you get both durability and damage.
  17. Foot Stomp is, *by far*, the single best AOE available, in a superhero game (Mighty Judgement comes in a close second), IMHO. Just my $.02, YMMV. P.S. Back in 2004, when I was street sweeping with my Kin/Dark Defender in Independence Port? maybe, I met an Inv/SS tank and we teamed for a bit. The first time she activated Knockout Blow, I was hooked...and I hadn't even seen Foot Stomp, yet. I immediately went and rolled my namesake (Stone/SS), and once he got Granite Armor and Foot Stomp, my word, what a sight.
  18. Agreed. Thanks a "ton", Kilo, for leading the first missions group (looks like SWMPTHNG is gonna work out and went from 37 - 40, in an hour) and thanks WB for letting me re-log, for the second missions team, with NUTCRCKR for some foot-stomping fun. πŸ˜†
  19. My pleasure. Trust me, I'm no savant...back on Live, I never even used IOs, much less attuned-specials (because they were priced in the billions...with a "B"). What I love about this game/community/forum, is the focus on bettering ourselves (especially tanksπŸ˜†), and I have absorbed, copied and stolen, everything I could, to have more fun, in this game. I ran a +4/8 ITF, this afternoon, with NUTCRCKR (see sig) and almost...momentarily...lamented that it was so easy, and the fact that the green bar hardly moves. Then I reminded myself of Hyperstrike's tag line: "Wanna be Godlike, pick anythi
  20. Inv does have some end issues, pre-incarnate, but those can be managed, until Ageless Hybrid. With PS chance for +End and End Mod in Stamina, plus all attacks and toggles with red end in the sets, I don't have many issues Ex-ing down. Since you can't skip Initial Strike, why not skip Shin Breaker or Rib Cracker?... Me too πŸ™‚
  21. With only one AOE and one cone available, I always take sweeping cross and slot it with (Superior) Gauntleted Fist, so the absorb proc has more chances to fire. I put (Superior) Might of the Tanker in Spinning Strike, for the same reason. The only attack I don't take is Shin Breaker, because I use Kick, slotted with Force Feedback +rech, and it's the same animation/move. I agree, wholeheartedly, with @Miss Magical, that the instant elevation of Crushing Uppercut to tier 3, can't be understated. My other three simple attacks (Initial Strike, Heavy Blow and Rib Cracker)
  22. ^---this...preach the truth, brother! Also why I slot the Gaussian proc in Invincibility...always...virtually an auto-proc of build up.
  23. I three slotted it with cheapo Doctored Wounds, since I help the SG fire farm and it gets me another 1.5% Fire/Cold resist... It also gives a total of 5% status resist for a whole host of Mez. Finally, it makes the HP bump "perma" as the cooldown is 115 seconds, with an effect time of 120 sec. I use Dull Pain as a buff, rather than an "oh $hit" heal (since I rarely need healing), because it increases your max HP...so free damage mitigation πŸ™‚
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