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Can't put powers in Powers tray


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So when I got logged in tonight I encountered a weird bug. My Powers tray was empty. I couldn't drag any powers into it. Also, The "Up Arrow" to increase the number of trays displayed did not work.

I clicked it and the arrow changed direction but it didn't increase the number of trays displayed.


I got an error message in the chat box that said "CantControlServerTray"



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After much frustration I think I worked out what the problem is/was. When I last got disconnected with a server crash, I was in a mission where I took on a disguise and the abilities of one of the NPC factions. It seems that when I logged in next, although I no longer had the disguise or abilities, the tray was still locked to the faction abilities. I ran the mission again to complete it and upon exiting, my trays were back to normal.

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