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The Getaways AE Missions

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The Getaways: The Origins Missions

Arc ID: 49938

(Now playing at an Architect Entertainment Terminal near you!)

Join the criminal mastermind, the Accomplice as he recruits criminals for his heist team the Getaways!

Form the crew and lead the team on their first heist making you the first Getaway.


Part 1: Counterfeit

After forging his way on to Arachnos' list of destined ones Faux DeCoy is abandoned by the spiders to become their scapegoat.


Part 2: The Molotov Man

Poor Man's Grenade is an alcoholic with a gambling problem and owes just about everyone in St. Martial infamy.  The Casinos have sent in the hounds to collect on his debts.


Part 3: Jay Walking

Jane Walker the speedstress known as Jay Walk is arrested by Paragon TaxiBots.  Take down the Taxi Co. and provide Ms. Walker with a Getaway before she is turned over to the FSBA.


Part 4: Insiders and Alibis

Criminal lookout and fixer the Alibis attempts to beat City Hall in her attempt to protect the identities of her Insider henchman/woman.


Part 5: The Portal Corp Heist

The Getaways seek to establish their own teleportation network in order to stay one step ahead of the heroes and their travel powers.



This is an origins story about the formation of the Getaways villain group (a collection of my redside characters).  Feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated.


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The Getaways: Confidence Games - The 3 Card Monte Missions

Arc ID: 45278

The playing card themed villain group the House of Suits puts out a call for help to an old friend, the Accomplice.  Join the Getaways as they answer the call to assist the Accomplice's old alliance.  Survive the Shill game, avoid turning over jacks, find the ladies, and go double or nothing against Montague Cards III, the man pulling the strings behind this confidence game.


Part 1: The Shill Game

Investigate the ship where the House of Suits put out their distress call while evading Interpol.  You arrive too late to find the Kings of Suits slain and the Queens taken.  Spring the trap and take on the international assassin the Shill and her army of puppets.


Part 2: Turning Over Jacks

Inside information has tracked the Jacks back to an Interpol office out of Khalisti Wharf.  Enter this head on assault of Interpol to recover information on the location of the Queens of Suits, the Dames and dish a little payback on the Jacks.


Part 3: Find the Ladies!

Interpol information uncovers the location of the Dames to an abandoned submarine station awaiting extraction while Special Agent Bonneteau tries to cut through the red tape and avoid international incident.


Part 4: Double or Nothing

Bonneteau reveals this entire operation has been played out by a former House of Suits member Montague Cards III.  3 Card Monte was left behind in the House of Suits escape from the Zig through Arachnos and set the events in motion to take revenge on the House for his abandonment.  Break into the Zig and finish this confidence game once and for all.



The events of the Confidence Game introduce the Dames (Judith, Rachel, Argine and Pallas) as the newest members of the Getaways villain group.


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