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Thugs/Thermal & Perma Gang War...


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¬† ¬†Greetings all... ūüôā¬†


   Well as the title says, I built another theme character named Helliona who is a Thugs/Thermal Mastermind, and at lvl 39 she is really fun to play. However there are two things that I am looking into here, and I was wondering if any of you could help me. The first is this...


   1) Is it possible to get perma Gang War without using "Time", Purple IO's, Incarnates, or a truly expensive build? Atm I have these Power Pools: Speed (for hasten), Leadership (for Maneuvers), Flight (for Hover & Evasive Maneuvers), and Fighting (for Weave), which are all slotted with LotG and using these, as well as the Increased Attack Speed temp power from the SG base, & the Offensive Amplifier from the P2W vender, I have a total of 147.50% recharge time, with hasten itself being down for only like 12 seconds, and Gang War 70 seconds or so. However, I would like to not to have to rely on these two temp powers if I can avoid it if possible (of course).




   2) Would anyone have a good build for a Thug's/Thermal MM that focuses on Perma Gang War (without having to use Purple IO's, or Incarnates), not to mention survivability and nice damage. As the character is only 39th lvl atm, a build which takes this into account, as well as me not being rich and all, would also be very much appreciated too, not to mention being able to have Perma Gang War available at this lvl as well (I am not even sure this is possible lol).


   Anywho, there ya go folks. I very much am interested in hearing your thoughts, ideas, and build's on the subject, and appreciate any you might have to share as I am sorta stuck atm on how to proceed. Thanks again, and as always...



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I don't think it's possible. The reason Time is able to do it is because of the +50% recharge Chrono Shift provides. I'm going to give it a shot when I get home. If it can perma with Thermal, it will need Spiritual Core Alpha to get there.


Definitely impossible without purples and incarnates. Crammed in as much recharge as possible, added Spiritual Core and just barely made perma-Gang War. A lot of powers/slotting were sacrificed to get there.


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