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Question on my last 4 powers


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Hello all,


Note: I have a bio/ tank, and I'm trying to figure out my last four powers. I'm starting to get some push-back on endurance, but plan to put 3 slots in stamina to rectify (maybe more later with a set, we'll see).


Question 1: does a bio/ tank need Physical Perfection and/or Focused Accuracy? I can see them helping but I'm not sure I "NEED" them.


Question 2: If I don't get them, what else? My primary and secondary are set so it's gravy stuff right now. Stuff high on the list (with few to no extra slots to provide them) are maneuvers/assault for some team goodness, the medicine group to rez fallen teammates (not sure on this as at lvl 40+ people die less and have rez already), more travel powers (not "NEEDED" but QoL), or different epic pools e.g. getting earth for some holds and quicksand, stuff like that. 



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Well, you have some options.  What's your secondary?  If you're having endurance issues then Stamina slotting and maybe Conserve Power from Energy Mastery can be very helpful, as can certain Incarnate powers like the Cardiac alpha.   


What sort of Invention slotting are you going for?  If you're going for a recharge build then powers like Maneuvers, Grant Invisibility and Stealth make good choices to slot Luck of the Gambler procs.    Alternatively if you're trying to build for Defense you may want to invest in the Fighting pool. 


You seem to already be considering Energy Mastery for your ancillary pool and Conserve Power from that pool will help with endurance if that's what you're needing most, though you could also consider Consume in Flame Mastery to fill a similar role. 

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