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Meteor and 'powexec_location target'


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I had a mission for my Seismic/Electric Blaster to rescue a scientist, and found myself in the end room of the lab map, with only the two Nemesis jaegers guarding the scientist:


Since it was recharged, I decided to unload a Meteor on them just to see their flaming wrecks fly across the room, and used a popmenu I'd created to execute "powexeclocation target Meteor" with one of the two Jaegers targeted.


The meteor arrived... and hit the floor below the balcony (below where the fan greebly sticks out from the wall), rather than on the balcony, leaving the two Jaegers not only undamaged but oblivious to their having been attacked. This suggests a targeting issue with powexeclocation and balconies.


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