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Dual Blades/Sheathed Right Blade/VX-99 "Event Horizon" not drawn correctly.


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If I use the VX-99 Event Horizon as my Right Sheathed Blade with Dual Blades, when I draw the blades the right blade is not drawn correctly.  The left blade is drawn correctly (remains in the hand throughout the draw animation), but the right blade disappears and then teleports into the character's hand at the end of the animation.


I tested this with numerous different blades and only saw this issue with the VX-99 Event Horizon.  All the other blades I tested in the Right Sheathed Weapon slot seemed to work correctly. 


In addition, I tested it with a number of different blades in the left hand, and did not observe any differences in the behavior based on which blade was in the left hand.


It's not exactly a major problem, but figured I would report it anyway.

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