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Finely Curated Selection of Miscellaneous AE Bugs/Issues


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All of the below was tested and replicated in AE using multiple, redundant critter files with different breadths of power. To the extent I was able to verify, none of these appear to be AI issues (with the possible exception of the last issue in this list).


I am available to demonstrate/replicate these issues as necessary in-game on the test server if necessary, please send me a DM on discord @Terminal#9300.



Broken/Nonfunctional Powersets Assigned By File

Powers assigned by file from the Kinetic Melee and Devices powersets, regardless of whether one uses Power Mission_Maker_Attacks or Power Mission_Maker_Secondary, will not appear in the AE interface and will not be used by custom critters. I am certain additional sets have this issue, but have not exhaustively checked all of them.


Both of these sets are valid for use in AE normally and are available in the Mission Maker listings.


Both of these sets work as intended when selected normally in AE (just not when any of their powers are assigned by file).



Broken/Nonfunctional Individual Powers Assigned by File

Certain individual powers (such as Energize from Energy Manipulation) from powersets which otherwise function correctly when assigned by file will not appear in the AE interface and will not be used by custom critters. I am certain additional sets and individual powers have this issue, but have not exhaustively checked all of them.


Effectively the same issue as the one above, but limited to select powers in certain powersets rather than the entire set.



Martial Combat Issues

Martial Combat in AE has two copies of Reach for the Limit. The first listed copy works as intended but has a blank AE description. The second listed copy does not work at all but has a detailed AE description. (Verified using Power Analyzer)

Burst of Speed for enemies in does not teleport them as it should. It is instead acting as an incredibly ghetto ranged attack.


Martial Combat, despite being proliferated into AE for use by enemies, is not available in the listings for Power Mission_Maker_Attacks or Power Mission_Maker_Secondary.



Dull Pain Issue

Both Dull Pains from Invulnerability and Regeneration, in AE, appear to be calling on the exact same effect from the same source rather than having two identical effects with different listings. Accordingly, it is impossible to double-stack Dull Pain on a critter by assigning both copies by file. AE will only register one of them. This is, one supposes, less a bug and more a lifehack from the past meant to streamline something that now does not play well with the new system. 


Note that it is fully possible to double up on duplicate powers from other sets, such as having multiple copies of Midnight Grasp (From Dark Melee and Dark Assault) or multiple copies of Drain Psyche (From Mental Manipulation and Psionic Assault)  - since, while identical powers, they have separate file listings.



Potential Issue with Nondamaging Ranged Attacks

Finally - this may or may not be a bug, but it is consistent enough that I think it merits pointing out.


Custom enemies are, in a wide set of circumstances, refusing to use nondamaging ranged moves outside of melee range. An egregious example of this would be enemies, given NOTHING but Trick Arrow powers, will not use any of them at range. They will use all of their powers normally only at point blank melee range. This has also been observed across a number of other ranged secondary sets, including Poison, Kinetics, and Radiation Emission.


I think this could be caused by two things - either the AI is being dumb (plausible), or the reconfiguring of every ranged attack in AE to have a minimum range of 80 feet (as per the patch notes) may have broken several ranged powers so they cannot be used at range at all. That said, I believe it warrants at least verifying to ensure it is not a bug.

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