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Suggestion: Traps with new appearances

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I did look around, don't see anything suggesting what I've got in mind so here we go.


I would like to suggest that Traps allow different skins for their powers.   Gadgets don't thematically fit for my mutant plant controller or magically trained artifact wielder.  I'm trying to largely use things already in the game so that they could be implemented without 


What I would love to see would be allowing characters to use like Devouring Earth emitters for powers.   My thoughts are:


Web Grenade:   Largely unchanged since it is something thrown and causes webs

Caltrops:   Make them more thorn-like maybe using something like part of the Carrion Creepers but have it stationary 

Triage Beacon:   Use the Tree of Life with the waves of energy coming from it.

Acid Mortar: Use the Fungi emitter with it shooting spores at targets (using the animation of the Fungoid  Spore attack)

Force Field Generator:   I'm not sure about this one, might actually have to make something new.  A crystalline star that floats along behind the

                             character.  I'm not entirely happy though with having something completely new created just for this.

Poison Trap:   Use the glowie animation (though I would like it to be color tintable, not the dirty white) that is used for clues in various missions ( an

              example are the diary pages from the Hollows missions from Talshak the Mystic) and have it erupt as normal when triggered.

Seeker Drone:   Use the Swarm animation as the drone, so summons 3 swarms

Trip Mine:   Smaller version of the Will of the Earth emitter that shoots crystal bits when it detonates

Time Bomb:    Use the Cairn emitter and have it fling rocky bits when it detonates


As for a magical version I was thinking something like:


Web Grenade:  Instead of a physical object thrown I would like the option to make it a glowing ball, but otherwise the power would be the same

Caltrops:  Largely unchanged, caltrops are caltrops though it might be cool to have them rise from the ground instead of being flung

Triage Beacon:   Make this a little Will of the Earth crystal that pulses like normal

Acid Mortar:  Use a statue version of the vanity Demon pet constrained by a pentagram or sigil and have turn and spit acid at people.

Force Field Generator:   Use the animation for the Wisp pets (blue or red, though I would like it to be color tintable)

Poison Trap:   Use a glowing sigil (I know there are some in the game, but can't think of what they are thrown by) having it release its cloud as normal

              when triggered.

Seeker Drones:   Use the Swarm animation; however, I would like them to be glowing and translucent but still color tintable (for those that may

                  remember see Dragon Magazine #59's cover for a better idea)

Trip Mine:   Make it more a flat crystalline disc with a glow instead of a little beams but it detonates throwing crystal bits around

Time Bomb:   Use a crystalline version of a Cairn emitter and have it fling crystal bits when it detonates

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