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Writing Prompt #19: What could go wrong, does go wrong


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Happenstance can be both good, and bad.

You are given a list of stops to make on your way to the coffee shop down the street from your day job, but today seems to be unusually unlucky. A black cat crossed your step, you stumbled under a ladder, and cracked a mirror that was being delivered into the apartment building next door to your day job! What else could go wrong!


Note: For those new to writing prompts, these are purely situational concepts to help new roleplayers build a logic or mindframe for their characters. Some of them ask critical questions, while others pose a situation, like this one does. I encourage you to add your own writing here, I'd love to see what type of craziness happens to your mind babies! :)

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"Here, hold this, I'll be right back!" 

Crys' looks on in confusion as a hurried fellow in a two piece business suit shoves what looks like a black plastic shopping back her way, her arms quickly wrapping around the bag as soon as the handles started to rip from the weight of what was within. And off the man bolted, whatever was his issue? Bad enough she had a rough morning, and was given the short straw to pick up the hospital staffs morning brew at the Starshucks down the corner. Next thing she knew, a pair of cops come rushing past, shouting after the dude, leaving Crys' confused and uncertain of what she was holding onto. It took a bit of shuffling with all she was already carrying back to the hospital to take a peek in the bag, and to her surprise it was full of wallets, big ones, little ones, some shaped like parts of the body with zippers attached, some looking like pouches for retro candy she'd seen marketed in nostalgia shops around the city. "Huh...well, that's one turn of luck that I needed."

Instead of waiting around for the cops to return, or the thief for that matter, she made a bee line to the hospital to drop off the staffs coffee shop orders, and headed for the bank. Except one problem, she had a tail that was not her own. One of the cops had doubled back and was trailing after her, not exactly successfully blending in either. "Uh, Miss Dragon? That bag you were carrying, what did you do with it?" She'd only emerged from the bank a few moments ago when he approached to question her, and she immediately put her hands on her hips and gave him the sternest glare. "What on earth do you think I would do with it? I gave it to the bank!" Not that she was going to lie, but the cop gave her a look that suggested that he wasn't too certain to believe her. "Go ahead, check with the bank tellers. I've nothing to hide." She proclaimed and started back to her original planned route, to the hospital for her rounds. The cop however had other plans. "Uhhuh, no ma'am, you are sticking with me until we get the evidence back." Crys did a double take. "Wait, evidence? I saw the wallets and stuff in there but I did what I thought was approperate, banks do handle the city currency yes?" The beat cop tilted his head in puzzlement. "You don't know?" "Know what?" "Banks hold cash for other people, not just for the city." "Oh....well, teller #5 has the bag, do with it as you please, I need to get back to the hospital, sir, my rounds should have started twenty minutes ago." 

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