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Make the Slash Command /Fullscreen Also Put the Client Into Windowed Mode.

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Currently, when disabled the /Fullscreen command sets the windowed mode in options, but does not apply the setting so that windowed mode takes effect. For that to happen the game needs to be restarted. However, using the Options window, selecting "Windowed" and clicking "Apply" actually puts the game into windowed mode without restarting! I'd like the slash command to do the same thing. Either that or create a new slash command called "/windowed" that puts the screen in windowed mode.


I tend to switch between screen views frequently. Sometimes full screen, sometimes a much smaller windowed screen. So the slash commands /fullscreen, /screen, and /wdw_load come in VERY handy for me.  Anyway, just a suggestion. It would make things a little easier though.  🙂

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