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A Shameless TTRPG Plug


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Greetings, Fellow Homecomers!


Recently a friend and I decided to participate in a GameJam contest hosted by DriveThruRPG. The point of which was to design a PocketQuest, a rules-lite RPG with the theme of the contest being Summer Camp! My friend was the one who caught wind of the event, and invited me to work on a project together. We both agreed that nature was a dangerous place and the best way to survive it was to not be there. With that consensus, development on Camp South Cape commenced!


Camp South Cape is a narratively-focused horror tabletop roleplaying game, designed for up to 5 players and a Storyteller. The players take the role of young campers who have been shipped off to summer camp for the season, and quickly find their vacation of fun wilderness activities to be anything but. The Storyteller, meanwhile, designs the horrors the player characters must endure! Is there a killer on the loose? A Cult hiding in the cliff-side caves? A monster skulking in the woods? Is a storm coming to destroy the camp? Or maybe the counselors are just the WORST! Either way, the PCs must work together to hatch an escape plan and get back to the safety of civilization before The Hunt claims them!


Camp S- Cape (as it's officially listed) is available now at DriveThruRPG and is a Pay What You Want product, so you can pick it up for free. We're looking for thoughts, opinions, and feedback, and I'm hoping we can maybe make something else in the future with the lessons we learned working on this.

Thank you to the Devs for bringing back City of Heroes, and thank you all for your time reading this. Hopefully some of you get some fun out of our work. Happy Camping!

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