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  1. Not nearly enough, but part of that might be some form of executive dysfunction rather than any sort of lack of opportunity.
  2. So, a thought just occurred to me. Now that we have Reverse Repel mechanics figured out, could we use it in Telekinesis to drag enemies to you instead of pushing them away from you?
  3. I've seen posts around the forums that the only legitimate way to interact with Sally is to pet her (using Brawl). An actual "Pet the Sally" power would be neat though.
  4. I have been ping-ed I love the idea of the set and especially the concept behind Blinding Halo. I do thin Dazzling Gaze synergy with Illumination might want to be revisited however. Stacking Sleep is fun and all, but you're one stray Fireball away from all that effort being for naught. Might I suggest having the synergy apply Hold instead/in addition to stacking Sleep? That way it's more useful in teams. Kinda cuts into your attempt to avoid single target holds for varieties sake, though. Regardless, I have at least one character who would love this set.
  5. @Snarky You can, anytime you make a non-praetorian character say yes when it asks if you want to do the tutorial, then choose Breakout.
  6. I love the idea of the set having a couple team support modes as well as a solo mode. Number balancing would be tricky, but that just means some more time on beta. A few of the mechanics sound like they'd need some custom coding, specifically the Survival tactics ability to make a target less dangerous to you and only you. The game doesn't really have that sort of mechanic in place.
  7. It helps that the game doesn't require super advanced coordination, or waste your time as a punishment. Lot less at stake, far less reason to start going for each others throat for the smallest mistake. If you screw up on a team and wipe, you usually get two "my bads" at least one "Cooldown/animation was too long D:" and plenty of "Need a wakie?"
  8. That's sort of the problem, lack of clarity in presentation. The OP mentions control powers, armor powers, and alludes to support powers as well. Later posts mention a hybrid style powerset. That I am curious to hear more about, and requested as such at the end of my second post. In the name of constructive discourse, I'll try mulling over a support/control hybrid set. A fire control/support set would start with the options of Ring of Fire at T1 and Char at T2, as every AT has to start with at least one attack power. T3 and T4 we can provide the option of a few support
  9. Controllers are a very frail AT. They don't have a lot of hit points, only get a token amount of defense or resist with select powerset choices, and are far better at healing others than themselves. They die very quickly if they aren't careful. But that is okay! Their main shtick as an AT is refusing their opposition the ability to attack efficiently. A well played controller can hold two thirds of a typical spawn even at level one. Tanks are an incredibly durable AT. With the right power selection against the right opponents, they can literally do nothing but run their toggles and
  10. An AT with Control sets and Armor sets would have way too much mitigation, I think. It would be the safest of safe options, and would be slow to solo as others have mentioned. An AT with Support sets and Armor sets would be right out, as that would lack any form of solo ability. Now an AT with a hybrid control attack set might, maybe work? With an emphasis on softer control, repel, kd, fear, immob rather than harder control like holds and stuns might work? Maybe not. Its hard to imagine a control/armor AT as anything but Never Die, the Archetype. Sure it can have rubbish damage for balance, bu
  11. Proper powerset selection, synergy, and IO use can definitely help break an ATs mold, but that's more of an advanced thing. You have to understand the game in a way that would make a list like the one being discussed obsolete.
  12. My biggest issues with the set come down to delayed effects and long cooldowns. I dont think I'm the only one who thinks the heal for Reconstructuion needs to hit as soon as possible after hitting the button. Keep the animation time the same, but don't delay the heal until its halfway done. As for the cooldowns, I have a habit of not wanting to click IH because I might 'need it later' and the cooldown is long enough that using it on a fight you dont need hurts just as much as what I usually do, which is hope I dont need it, realize I do need it, and activate it too late. I'm sure w
  13. My personal description for Blasters would be High Risk Damage. The AT gets very little innate protection. Its best defense is ending fights quickly, its second best defense is exploiting range, and its third best is its, relatively new, sustain powers. A blaster who stays at range is safe, insofar as they don't have to worry about melee attacks, but a lot of mez powers, debuffs and other dangers are ranged. Its far more effective to delete a Sapper than avoid melee attacks, for example. Snipe powers can allow for a blaster to do both, but a second might call for a T3 Blast plus Melee combo to
  14. Pronoun picking would be a neat option. Probably deserves its own thread, if it doesn't have one already.
  15. That would be neat, Haijinx but I was thinking as power tweaks for an eventual melee support AT. Imagine a Storm/Mace character whose Hurricane draws enemies in instead of blowing them away.
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