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  1. I remember running some blueside DFBs with a couple demons who kept spouting about how they'd destroy the world and enslave its people... Right after they were done consuming coopious amounts of delicious Earth food and pop culture. Just a product of how MMOs typically go. People looking for social interaction or at least teammates will flock to where they Are already, leaving low populations low.
  2. Well you could probably get away with "vehemently loath gatekeeping with the passion of a thousand suns" so long as you keep the hate targetted at the topic, and not the people. The point is more to let people know you dislike something that can be changed and isn't targetted at them. If people think you aren't respecting them, they'll just double down on their side of the argument because that's how psychology works. "He obviously hates me and therefore can't be reasonable. So his point is unreasonable, too." Of course, by your own admission, you're not here to change anyone's mind. So all of that was me spitting into the wind, I suppose. But you are right that you can't control how people react to your side of a conversation. Some people will take insult from innocent comments or abruptness in general. That doesn't mean an attempt can't be made in the name of diplomacy. The worst case scenario, they get offended anyway, but at least people observing the discourse can vouch that you were being reasonable.
  3. @jubakumbi I'd say the only issue with your tone is whether you prefer convincing people you're right, or just telling them they're wrong. Being abrasive just makes people hate rubbing shoulders with you. Sure, it conveys the point that you think they're wrong fairly clearly, but you're not going to win over anyone who disagrees with you. You don't have to be fake to be respectful, and you don't have to be aggressive to be blunt. A simple "I'm not a fan when people try gatekeeping. Can we let people play how they want to play?" Will win you more support for your ideas than accusations of herd mentality. Back on topic, the influence inequality has been discredited by this point, it seems, but I still think increasing recipe/salvage drop rates would be beneficial.
  4. That is the most shit-eating smirk of an emote I have ever seen.
  5. From the sounds of it, everyone seems to think the idea of infcome inequality in City of Heroes is overblown, but there's some support for making things at least a bit more rewarding (unless I completely misinterpretted the point of the replicator analogy). I don't mind there being an "optimal" infcome strategy like marketeering, but it would be nice to see some love given to less optimal strategies. Specifically if said love comes in the form of increased salvage/recipe drop rates for completing radio missions. More rolls means more chances for something good, reducing the number of flips needed for profit, or having to buy what you need from the auction house, while providing more supply for all the players to draw from.
  6. While allowing the jerkhacking commands to work would be awesome, I still don't see the problem with boosting drop rates for Radio missions.
  7. I was under the impression the request was to make radio missions and the like more rewarding, not tearing down people who make Inf in other ways.
  8. Someone mentioned boosting the drop rates on things. I think that sounds like a fine idea. No real need to overhaul influence gain, you can just boost supply, making it easier for everyone to get what they want. Maybe even seed the recipes on the auction house if that's not a thing yet?
  9. My crazy brain just imagined a City of Heroes parody of "We Built This City" sung by Atta. "Me built this city on rocks and Trolls!"
  10. Frostfire's entire thing was he wanted to be a hero. He tried stopping a robbery that ended up causing major property damage and injury/death because he lacked training/control. They arrested him, and he decided "if you're gonna treat me like a criminal, I might as well be one." He never stopped wanting to be a hero, he was just too angry to get past that first slight against him. It's been a decade or so since then, so I'm cool with him turning it around.
  11. I don't want to write up all that on my phone, but I'll see about making a post once I'm at my computer. In the meantime, I think the biggest hurdle for how to make a support/melee class is deciding on their scalings. I'd personally love for the AT to have powerful enough support scalings to be the main draw. The only reason the AT should have "better" damage numbers compared to a Defender should be more because of Melee sets usually having a slightly higher base damage to compensate for range.
  12. One more thing to add that is purely wishful thinking and pipe dreams, I want a Shield Support set. So I can play a melee support with a shield that's focused on the team's survival rather than their own.
  13. I second the "because it's cool" justification. I have a pain domination/war mace inquisitors to make. And a force field/broadsword guardian angel. And a poison/spines xenomorph. And a time manipulation/kinetic melee spiral power user. And a kinetics/katana Tsoo red ink man. I can definitely go on, but I won't. But I could.
  14. I'm not sure which sets being popular would change all that much. The popular sets will remain popular, with the only upsets I see being Force Field and Sonic Resonance since they provide mea protection and defensive stats to the caster, making them better choices compared to on a ranged character. Time is already popular, and safe with Time's Juncture and Farsight, debuff sets like Rad and Dark will still be considered better than Empathy and other buff sets that don't affect the caster, Kinetics still has Fulcrum Shift. I wouldn't worry about passive versus active support unless testing shows its a problem.
  15. Storm Summoning suffers a similar issue to Force Field with Hurricane. Thunderstorm, Tornado, and Gale to a lesser extent. I'd personally make Hurricane a slow instead of a knockback/repel, at least until someone makes reverse repel a thing. As for the others, hard to say. Kb>kd ios are a thing, and some melee sets have kb in them already. For Thunderstorm, shifting the oh into a hold or stun, maybe? Using the electrocution animation of Tesla Cage? Might have to suffer the I'd in Gale and tornado without the io though.
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