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Temp Power Arena Bug

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When you load into an arena match, there is a brief window BEFORE the 30s countdown where no powers are greyed out. (As the server is waiting for both of you to load in.) This allows you to use powers that should be disabled if you click on them to autofire once the match starts:


I tested it with the signature summon:


Waiting for opponent to load in, all available to cue up:




After opponent loaded in, all greyed out:




I restarted the match, and used a signature summon:


I then left the match. And they were all greyed out.  (However, the backup radio was also greyed out, despite not sharing a cooldown with the signature summons):



I made a new match and entered. This time they were greyed out even at the start (but not the radio?):



But once the other player loaded in, the backup radio was greyed out again:




And when I left the match, they remained greyed out indefinitely, as does the backup radio:




I left the character idle for ~20 minutes. They remained greyed out indefinitely.


(Zoning did not fix it. Only way to fix it was to start a new arena match and then quit out again.)



Works with other temp powers, too. Here's me using recovery syrum in an arena match it shouldn't work in:









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