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Help With (SJ/MA)/(?) Build

That Ninja

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Hey all, it's been a few years since I last played and was wondering if any of you theorycrafters could help me build a concept I've always wanted to realize.


I've been thinking of trying to make a character that's a send up to most fighting game cliches. I've been fiddling with Street Justice and Martial Arts, but I don't know how to really build them and I'm still lost with what secondary to go for. Concept-wise, I would want something like SR, Inv, and perhaps Energy Aura, but I've also thought about Willpower but have been hearing some bad things about it lately.


I also want to keep the power pools in the concept, so for like typical projectile attacks I would limit myself to Energy Power Pool, Soul Mastery, and perhaps Fire Power Pool. I'd also want to try to pick up Super Jump or maybe that new jump from that new force of will pool, but I see al lot of builds these days use arcane flight and runes and stuff which I'm not keen on. I also don't know if Scrapper would be better than a Brute for this.


I've been scanning other people's builds, but I have to admit that even during live builds have always escaped me and I've always been terrible trying to hodgepodge other builds into each other. So is there a way I can make this concept work with set bonuses that wouldn't hinder other players when playing at high levels?

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