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Wacky New Alternate Power-Graphics Ideas

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Force Field

- "White-Picket Fence"

- "Interposing Hands"

- "Adoring Crowd"


Cold Domination

- "Ice Cream"

- "Snowmanization"

- "Refrigerator Contents"


Dark Miasma

- "Halloween B-Movie"


Electrical Affinity

- "'90s Internet"

- "Cattle-Prod of JUSTICE!"



- "Giant Band-Aids"

- "'Eat Food To Restore Health!'"

- "Happyfaces"


Pain Domination

- "Duct Tape Fixes Everything"

- "Hurt 'Em 'Till They Heal"

- "EEEVIL Happyfaces"


Nature Affinity

- "Tofu n' Granola"

- "Herbs n' Shrooms"

- "RatCorp™ Princess"



- "Clown Tricks"

- "Tropical Fish"

- "Past the Expiration Date"


Radiation Emission

- "Practical Jokes"


Thermal Radiation

- "To Serve Man"

- "El Sῡper Mexicanὀ"

- "Extra Crispy"



- "Practical Jokes"


Assault Rifle

- "Popcorn"

- "Ricochet-Rama"

- "'BANG!' Flags"



- "Big, Happy Flowers"

- "Small, Angry Animals"


Ice Blast

- "Noisy Ice Cube Machine"


Fire Blast

- "Disco Inferno"


Bio Armor

- "Fluffy Bio-Bunny"

- "Gingerbread Man"

- "Covered In BEES!!!"


Fiery Aura

- "Birthday Candles"


Ice Armor

- "Snowman"


Street Justice

- "Stooge-Fu"



- "Gone Bananas"

- "GE Corn"


Stone Melee

- "Baked Goods Melee"


Martial Arts

- "Dance-Fu"


Mind Control

- "Compelled Choreography"


Energy Assault

- "Pinball Wizardry"


That'll do for now; hopefully I can add more later.


Anyone who wants to add more is WELCOME!

2 rules for this thread if you do:

- nothing about Mastermind minions (non-MM pets are okay); customizing MM minions is a topic all to to itself, after all!

- Strive for WACKY (look to the above if you need a guideline)!!! Nothing 'Sensible', 'Slightly Silly' will only split the vote and spoil the upcoming by-elections, and while it can certainly be "cool", "cool" by itself is not good enough!


Also, one clarification: Just because I only gave overarching set-wide themes above doesn't mean you can't be more specific.

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