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Hi, we recently saw the addition of /powexec_togglealloff which serves a long standing need to turn off all our toggles, especially useful when changing costumes to a "normal". However, an ability that has been requested for almost as long as they game has existed is to be able to have some sort of toggle_all_on command to take away the burden of constantly toggling on toggles. I was thinking... a command that toggles on all the powers in a specified power tray might do it! Thus, /powexec_toggleon_tray.


By designating an entire tray to power on, it side-steps the need for players to choose which power to turn on (which I imagine has always been the stumbling block for a command like this).  


I imagine most players group their defense and resistance toggles next to each other, I know I do, so this would work great!


I know the upcoming change to de-toggling will address some of this issue, especially during combat, but it still doesn't address the need for something like this for costume changes and certain gameplay. For example, whenever a Warshade or Peacebringer changes forms, all toggles turn off.  So it's still needed.

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