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TW/Rad Build


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I kind of mashed this together from a couple other posts that had one but not the other of TW and Rad, and made some changes from there.  I assume I'd like to get my smash/lethal resists higher (and all the other ones) but can't find any way to do that without making a bunch of sacrifices that I'm not sure are worth it.  Any thoughts or insight on it?


Not sure how to get the powers list - but here's the chunk:


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |

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here's my "prototype" Titan Weapons / Radiation Armor brute.  It's built with an Alpha Slot (in this case Spiritual) in mind, since that strongly affects what set bonuses to look for.  You'd have to find something to take out for Hover or FA if those are important to you.


The highest damage single-target attack chain is Rend Armor -> Follow Through -> Arc of Destruction -> Crushing Blow -> Follow Through.  It takes a ton of recharge and obviously, Crushing Blow as well.  You could swap in Whirling Smash or Titan Sweep without much DPS loss if you absolutely have to free up that power slot, but it'll hit your endurance noticeably and you'll have to find a way to reslot for the lost bonuses.

No-Set Builds: Tanker Scrapper Brute Stalker

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No hover was just something to throw in for another LotG, Meltdown doesn't seem very useful either, so I could drop that too.  I don't even think I need the energy mastery either, but nothing else looked any better.  I already feel like I've got too many attacks, I was thinking of taking taunt perhaps instead of something. 


I want a bit of an eye toward doing maled TFs as the VG does those a lot too.

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