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  1. Market Crash is a good one. I ran it with only 3 of my VG mates, and it was touch and go on the robot for a little bit, but that's partially because one of them had die, then went to the hospial just as another was coming to rez them, and no one had a tp for them, so it was just me and another for awhile on it.
  2. It's been too long since I've played /dark never really thought about the resists, as I was playing on bots. Combined with the -dam and heal it should be pretty good on Demons, I concede. 🙂 As to incarnate content, pretty much all controls, especially slows and immobilization, are pretty heavily resisted, if you're soloing you're just as likely to have everything run off as AVs do. Of course if you're soloing DA you'll probably be wanting to set to +0 anyway as the mobs are so tough going much higher is extremely difficult. In other incarnate content you'll be in teams or leagues so it doesn't really matter that much, BAF still wants MMs with slows though, so you should be fine there.
  3. I actually prefer when we're barely surving, or sometimes not surviving and trying to figure out a way to get past something that difficult. Unfortunately most stuff is now so easy it's just boring doing the weekly TF when I'm lucky to get a shot in before everything's dead. Also unfortunately what little is difficult tends to take far too long for my limited time. Yes I can solo to make things more difficult, but I don't feel like it's any fun soloing either.
  4. Which ones are the Signature Story Arcs? I mostly play red, is there some resource I can see for that?
  5. You might consider /Bio or /Rad instead for regen now, both are new sets and IMHO much better than WP with good auras that help taunting. On the other hand they're both more busy than WP. One other thing that's changed since live is that SS has been nerfed fixed so that rage crash always applies even if you have perma rage, that can be a game stopper for some SS players. You may want to consider a different primary too, there I'm not as familiar, but if you want something that's kind of punching there's Street Justice, Savage Melee, and a little bit Kinetic Melee (though you get energy around your fists on that one) all are supposed to be fairly good, there's also Martial Arts, but I'm not sure if that one's any good and it's mostly kicks.
  6. I decided on Fire/Tactical Arrow after looking through the secondaries for the umpteenth time. It was hard to figure a concept that would work for that, but settled on an Efreet - fire magic, and uses a bow with magic arrows for additional effects. Not really far into it, like level 7 maybe a little disappointed in fire's damage as compared to early MMs - other than fireball being quite a nice early area attack... that rarely hits more than 2. Though I did have one time 5 guys surrounded me and I was a sliver from death and fireball finished off all but one lt which I just managed to get. The forced single target immob just seems wasted, as it's usually easier to just do more damage and kill stuff. I haven't died yet, which is a bit surprising though. I did a bit of street sweeping to start off, did one tunnel witch AE run, then started on Dr. Graves (villain side) all solo. /TA seems fine with no redraw combined with fire, it goes pretty fast, though I only have the one power so far.
  7. I just made another new character, she's a Fire/Tac Arrow blaster, She's a red skinned, horned Efreet. instead of giving you all her lame name* , how about someone give her a punny name? (o.k. her current name is Maldi Efreet, All I could come up with that's mildly funny is Feet Efreet, or maybe Frito Efreet, or Efreet Delete, oof, I just looked through a rhyme site and see one that's really really bad, not sure I could go through with Teat Efreet.)
  8. Ah well if you just want jack of trades with lots of stuff... I'd agree both side EATs are chock full of options (Bane's my favorite, you got so much different stuff you could do) MMs can be quite varied. I'd perhaps look at a DP defender of some sort, as I think they can be slotted with numerous things due to the ammo options, perhaps even a DP/Tac Arrow Blaster, as Tac Arrow has a ton of different controls too. Plant/Dark Controller maybe? Really different stuff is a usually a bad idea as you want to stack things for them to be effective though.
  9. VEATS are Jacks of all Trades, but unlike most Jacks of all Trades they're Masters of all, well really a few they choose to foucs on. Their closest analog would be corruptor - with a side of melee on some, and enough defenses to be equal to a stalker or scrapper in toughness if they so choose. My current main is a Bane, tough melee support with stealth, has o.k. damage, but has a lot of -resist, and can still toss off ranged and melee aoe, but that's because that's the way I built mine. It's extremely effective, and does o.k. solo and can take AVs due to all the -resist (soloed mender silos arc with 13 hereos to fight at +2) it can do +4/x8 s/l AE farms, but really slowly. I can solo cysts on +4 ITFs. I do best on teams though where all that -resist is leveraged, and all the other teammates get huge bonus to defense and decent damage and to hit bonuses just from my presence. One of the things I love about it is that you get to do most if not all of your support while still doing damage, all your auras are toggles, so no need to hit people with click armor abilities, select someone to buff, etc. 2 of my 3 -resist powers also do decent damage, while also having additional debuffs innately or from procs. With over 50 alts, I haven't found a single one that begins to compare. I had a 50 Night Widow on live, I was never really super into, but was a nice relaxing time when I felt like playing her or my SG could use a NW instead of my Kin or Brute. I played her as more of a dart expert with a side of melee than the typical NW build. I've mentioned before that while you don't always feel like you're contributing an awful lot, you'll find that things almost always go smoothly for you and groups when you're along, you're lucky. Only it's not luck, but that's what it feels like. The Ultimate Support Bane thread has my build in it, it's slightly outdated from what I currently have, and I've gone a bit more into damage than I originally intended, but unlike many others you can do good support with good damage.
  10. The original one was Blinkie Finder, that quit working at some point and was never updated, can't find the original. Then there was CoH Radar, I never used it, don't know if it still works but it's here: https://city-of-heroes.livejournal.com/3068377.html As to the sounds, I'd love it if someone would make a 'mod' with improved sounds for all the annoying/bad stuff I could just drop in.
  11. It's more the catalysts, you're basically throwing away 3M inf on every single enhancement you do that.
  12. He looks a little green. I assume grass fed butter? I've got my new Thugs/Cold MM "Ice eM" His punks so far are "Shoot Em" and "Smoke Em" while his Enforcer is "Terminate Em." I'm planning on "Burn Em" for the arsonist, and "Whack Em" for the Bruiser. Not sure what to call the other enforcer yet. I'm not super happy with the names yet, so may change 'em.
  13. I always RPd my villains more like rogues back before rogues existed. They were in it for the money and power and sticking it to the man (I always enjoyed robbing banks, and beating up cops and longbow most) not so much for the sake of revenge or just wanting to watch the world burn (well, maybe a bit of mayhem.) Even Arachnos feels a bit of underdog, since the islands are much smaller. There's a couple I made that were just monsters, like my Necro/Poison MM "Corpse Maggot" though.
  14. I do have a Demon/Time at 49 now. It was quite good at low/mid level, I was able to go +2 in the 20's which I've never experienced on any other combo of any AT. Unfortunately it's seeming fairly bad at this level, I don't have sets in it yet, so perhaps it will improve after sets, but it definitely doesn't synergize well right now. I don't have the inf to spend for sets on a combo I'm finding questionable though. I could possibly pull the sets from my Bots/Storm which I'm not enjoying currently, but I'm not quite ready to give up on that character. Slows and -rech don't seem to work well at the highest level either, which is most of what time does for mitigation. The above is why I'm skeptical of dark or especially cold working well with Demons. I didn't realize Nature had resists, that makes it a prime candidate and explains why I've seen so many Demon/Nature in incarnate trials - obviously it can hold it's own at high level, so would be a great choice.
  15. I know I said debuff, but most of the primarys with debuff don't seem all that impressive, or are missing snipes (ice & water), so I decided I might as well embrace blaster damage, I think it's between Archery and Fire. Fire looks to have a lot more damage so it's the obvious choice, but Archery has the quick T9 which sounds fun too. If I were to go Fire I'm not sure what secondary would work best to avoid melee, have some defenses, sustain, and damage. I see Energy, Martial, Mind, Temporal, and even Ice bandied about... but I'm not sure what the pros/cons of any of those are. I did see someone say they thought Mind was a bit slow animating. Then there's Archery, which obviously goes with Tactical Arrow, but are there any possibly better choices? And if Tactical Arrow is so good, how about fire/tactical arrow?
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