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Day Job Suggestion: Volunteer Work

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I'd really like if a Hero-side log-out area could be made, preferably in King's Row, which acts as a 'Volunteer Work' Day Job bonus.  It could offer the same out-of-combat regeneration bonus currently provided by the Caregiver Day Job when logging-out in Hospitals.  The flavor text could say your hero is spending their off-time at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and places of that sort.


It feels like a good example of a job a hero might be drawn to if they're the sort who likes to look-out for the 'little folk' and help the helpless in other ways besides punching stuff.  It seems like a simple enough addition, unless you wanted to go all the way with it and make applicable badges and accolades.


I hope this will be given some consideration.  :D

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I like this suggestion and what it represents, Hero's serving the community even when not actively fighting crime...


My 2 cents though, is that this change has little impact to the game or the gaming community and would/should probably not be prioritized over more impactful things like new art, costumes, content, power sets, archetypes, villain groups, etc...


Long/Short - I like the suggestion, and if we had full time paid developers I would hope they would give it consideration.  Just be mindful that they are neither paid nor full-time.


+1 Inf though for the Heroic contribution



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