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Arachnos Soldier's Crab Cape 'broken'


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Just gonna list straight up details here 'cause Number Six and Cobalt Arachne already know.


---Before Page 4---
Crabs could add cape/wings/backpack on top of the Original Crab Backpack.
(Yes a finicky bug, but very simple through tailor screen. No file editing.)


---After Page 4 - The Problem Now---
Capes can no longer be added to costumes with crab soldier backpack.
Going through tailor screen on a Crab without any changes removes their cape.

Crabs will be unable to edit their costumes without destroying their capes forever on that costume slot. (Very sad for us.)


---Learned things---

Loading a non-Crab caped costume on my Crab does NOT show cape in preview.
Loading a saved Crab caped costume(file attached) DOES show both cape and backpack in preview (cape vanishes when I use 'fix costume' bubble.)

Cape physics with backpack never collided with each other.


---Number Six's words on Discord after seeing my costume file before broken cape---
"Oh, nope, they already are in two separate slots. So it might just be the normal cape-backpack exclusion thing, and the glitched backpack let you bypass it.
That might be something we could look at moving to costume tags for finer-grained exclusions at some point."


Obviously caped Crabs don't want to wait until 'some point' to edit our costumes again, so I recommend...


---Bandage fix---

I think simply re-adding the option for Crabs to put on a backpack/wings/cape etc. will fix(re-break) this.

The re-added back option would obviously be overridden by the Crab Backpack in the tailor screen, but this would likely allow us to continue to put capes on our Crabs and most of all be able to edit our costumes again.




Thanks so much to Number Six and Cobalt Arachne for listening and asking about this.

Thanks HC team for Page 4 -- it's amazing so far!


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