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  1. Haven't bathed in a year -- guess the Nova's finally thought it was time! (Minor vignette was the only filter used)
  2. Teaching the young about Kheldian forms! (I was told filters are allowed by GM Miss. Used desaturation and vignette)
  3. This would be extremely useful, and I think balanced for Kheldian Dwarfs as well. At the moment surviving damage can be done do an okay degree, but their taunt ability is pretty poor. Thanks so much to the Homecoming team!
  4. I would LOVE it if Kheldian tanking was looked at in the future. Even with pure defensive-based IO sets (money being no issue) and full incarnate, I just don't see the Dwarf worth using besides a little max HP and a taunt. PBs and WS can both hit max resistance cap easily with Perma-Light Form or Perma-Eclipse, respectively. I know Dwarf doesn't have a crash and it DOES have CC protection, but in-game it's hardly useful in harder content. My Night Widow without any AoE or Elude can eat a gang of 16 +4s with little problem. My Dwarfs struggles to even survive a mob of 16 +4s for very long, let alone do much damage. As for tank changes, I really appreciate the AoE range increase -- Foot Stomp's radius (and fast cast time) was literally the only reason I keep rolling with Super Strength for tanks. Can't wait to do something new! Appreciate you guys so much for bringing City of Heroes back and really fixing/updating things for us!
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