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  1. This is a much more bearable response than leaving them slow as a design choice. Thanks you!
  2. We may have free travel powers, but our flight travel power is already being buffed to pool power flight speed. Since we're already getting our normal flight buffed, what's the harm in allowing us the same freedom as a Nova?
  3. Nova and Dwarf require power picks, so they're 'Real,' yet both slow now. Energy Flight does not require a power pick, so by your wording it is not a 'Real Travel Power' -- yet it's on par with flight. Nova/Dwarf are 'Real' travel powers because they require a power pick, yet temporary travel powers are just as fast. Wouldn't you agree that putting a flight speed in Nova should make it fly faster as well...? I had to point this out in yet another hope that Shapeshifters don't get left in the dust. And again, if Nova is meant t
  4. Dwarf and Nova both feel very slow now. If it's an animation problem to reduce Dwarf cast time, perhaps increase range to make it equal to the pool power variant? And is there a better reason to have Nova so slow besides 'Nova is for combat?' Blaster too is for combat -- yet a blaster can fly faster, do more damage and use toggles.
  5. Does it take away from anyone's experience to increase Nova/Dwarf's speed as well? Or would that simply add another, balanced cosmetic option for travel? Still, appreciate the work you guys do! Guess I'll sit in a corner and accept defeat, though it really is sad my Nova will be so relatively slow...
  6. Any chance of the naturally air-born Nova's getting the same buff to flight speed, or are we now the slowest things in the sky? 😞 Edit: A HC team member informed me that Nova/Dwarf is indeed left slower on purpose since Nova/Dwarf form is 'meant for combat rather than travel.' I'd like to suggest that Travel Suppression and Combat Teleport are meant for combat. Also, most of the archetypes are meant for combat and they get to move quickly with multiple Stances even. If Kheldians are already as fast as everyone else with their own inherent travel po
  7. Any chance on Kheldian Dwarf teleport getting the same love? I said it in the last feedback so I'll just note it quick here: The Nova and Dwarf should get the same flight speed / tp range buffs as everything else. They've always been on par with other travelers and I'm going to be so sad to have to drop forms just to get from point A to point B. Is there a reason they're being left as the slowest now? I love watching the squid fly, and it belongs as one of the fastest in the sky. I don't think Pool Powers should out-do primary/secondary powers.
  8. Actually they're not free. You have to pick Nova or Dwarf in order to get their travel power. On the other hand, Flight for a Peacebringer and Teleport from a Warshade ARE actaully free, so by your logic the PB/WS free travels should be nerfed, which I disagree with. But yes it is true that it is a borrowed form, however it is literally a form of energy and therefore shouldn't pack nearly as much air resistance as a physical human. Appreciate the response 🙂
  9. True, but Kheldians on HC can also be Magic/Technology/other origins. If a human uses technology or science to propel themselves, no reason Nova's shouldn't be able to as well. Kheldians are just as intelligent, especially since they can take knowledge from their hosts. I would suggest same goes for Dwarf teleport as does with Nova's flight. Both should really be on par with their pool power counterparts. Why? Pool, Epic and Patron powers have always been weaker than their primary/secondary counterparts. For instance, Leadership is weaker than Arachn
  10. I really feel like not granting the bright/dark Nova the flight speed boost is a poor decision. The Nova is a naturally air-born and always air-born creature that, if anything, should be more adept at air-travel than any hero or villain. It currently feels terrible as a Nova to watch a team mate go flying past you with ease as you fail your tail just to not be late. I understand I could drop out of Nova and toggle on fly, or go Dwarf and just spam teleport, but it doesn't feel right. Especially from RP perspective -- it just makes sense that in a Nova's na
  11. I mean people change fashion in City of Heroes so often I never assume the costume they're in is the one they won with. Maybe that's just me? xD You're likely right on the 'nasty piece of coding' part. It wouldn't work for all titles either, since one of the titles I have is not related to costumes. (#1 Dad/Mom/Parent) I'm only asking for least effort possible to achieve the desired effect. I know when the GM gives you an award title, it is not removable by yourself. And I'd even be alright with that coming from the p2w -- an unremovable title as long as
  12. Many of us have unlocked one or more special titles/costumes for winning various, graciously-hosted HC-team contests. The costume shapeshifts were updated to be account-wide several months ago, and I was wondering if that'd be possible with the titles? City of Heroes is a game of alting -- I have dozens of characters like so many other players. I usually swap between who I main every month or so. One real problem I've had is the burning, reoccurring desire to have my unique title on the character I'm playing currently, instead of just one character that I'll get bored of
  13. I'll make it short for easy reading. 🙂 I am able to use Fold Space while in Dwarf/Nova form. I cannot use the Warshade version, Shadow Slip while transformed. I cannot use any other pool power teleports while transformed. Shadow Recall does NOT give the target resistance to teleport for 15s. (I prefer it this way but I believe it's an error.) Every other teleport foe power does. I'd like to suggest allowing PB/WS shapeshifters to use at least some pool powers such as Leadership/TeleRecalls/Hasten while transformed. Even though it is likel
  14. Haven't bathed in a year -- guess the Nova's finally thought it was time! (Minor vignette was the only filter used)
  15. Teaching the young about Kheldian forms! (I was told filters are allowed by GM Miss. Used desaturation and vignette)
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