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Client crash when editing base (if cel shading is on)


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Client crashes/freezes unrecoverably when trying to edit base.


Steps to repeat:

0. Enable Cel Shader under Experimental Graphics Settings.  (Bug does not occur if Cel Shader is disabled.)

1. Click 'Edit Base' in main entry room

2. Click 'Place Item' from lower left selection box.


3a. Attempt to scroll the list using the draggable bar at bottom, or;

3b. Click on another category of item such as 'Tech Workshop'.


After 3a or 3b the game client reliably freezes.  It did not do this until today, even though I've been playing with cel shader on since I first knew about it, so I can only assume it has to do with the patch.


Impact to user: Cannot edit the base to add storage/transport/etc. with cel shader enabled.  (Easy fix, sure, but without Discord I wouldn't have known this specifically was the issue.)

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